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    Minor supporting character in Resident Evil 5, and supporting character for the RE5 DLC story Desperate Escape.

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    Doug is an African B.S.A.A soldier within Captain Josh Stone's DELTA squad. He only makes a single minor appearance during Resident Evil 5 when he, as apart of Josh's team, saves Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar from an onslaught of Majini riding motorcycles.

    He has a more substantial role in the RE5 DLC story Desperate Escape. Here he plays the pilot attempting to pick Josh Stone and the recently rescued Jill Valentine. Just as he lands to pick them up on a rooftop, he is killed instantly by a rocket fired by a Majini soldier.

    He was known to be relatively care-free and didn't take the life-threatening situations they all were embroiled in very seriously, and instead would often flirt with Jill on the radio. Nonetheless, when he dies Josh expresses both sadness and anger, and responds to Jill--after she comforts Josh saying he was a good soldier--that he was ''my friend''.


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