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    Doughnuts (a.k.a. Donuts) are a sweet snack made of deep-fried flour dough. They often feature frosting, sprinkles, and occasionally fruit or cream filling.

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    There are two main types of doughnuts: Ring-shaped and filled. The ring-shaped doughnuts are circular with a hole in the center. The filled doughnuts are flat and circular, and stuffed with various jellies or creams. Doughnuts can be sugar-frosted, sugar-glazed, frosting-coated or plain. They may be coated with sprinkles as well. There are also items known as "doughnut holes," with are small spheres of dough. At Dunkin Donuts these are called "Munchkins." In Canada, "doughnut holes" are generally referred to as "Timbits" from the Tim Hortons franchise.

    Doughnuts are often sold by the dozen, but most bakeries now sell them in any quantity requested.

    The game 'Splosion Man contains a humorous song about donuts titled "Donuts Go Nuts."

    In Deadly Premonition the main character, Agent York, refers to Donuts as "Biscuits".


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