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Harlan Doyle is the mysterious ally who helps Jack Carver, the protagonist of the PC game Far Cry. He is portrayed in the game as a tall African-American man wearing a lab coat.

Far Cry

He is initially helpful, giving Jack information and access to help him defeat the mercenaries, bring down Krieger and rescue Val Cortez. The two stay in contact through radio or a phone Jack finds in the beginning of the game. Jack learns that Doyle is a scientist working for Krieger with inner access.

It is revealed, however, that Doyle has been using Jack to bring down Krieger, thus leaving Doyle in charge of the island and all the valuable scientific research. When Jack learns that he has been infected with the mutagen by Doyle, he hunts down Doyle to get the antidote, battling through hordes of vicious trigens. Doyle makes his last stand in a volcanic base with his elite guard when Jack breaks through. After taking down his guard, Jack proceeds to finish off Doyle, who says with his last words, "You don't understand. They sent me. They're all watching. They're always watching. You can't change this. You can't change the future." Jack then shoots Doyle and takes the antidote, escaping the island with Val before it is consumed by explosions.

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