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    Dr. Andonuts

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    A famous inventor working in Winters and the father of Jeff from EarthBound.

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    Dr. Andonuts is a plot-significant NPC in the 1994 role-playing game EarthBound, as well as its 2006 sequel Mother 3. He is an aloof but brilliant scientist whose inventions play an important role in the events of both games.


    World-renowned scientist Dr. Andonuts is the father of Jeff, one of the "chosen four" children destined to save the world. As a prolific inventor based in Winters, Dr. Andonuts develops several useful inventions for the party's use such as a flying saucer called the Sky Runner and a time machine known as the Phase Distorter. He also helps "dungeon enthusiast" Brick Road become Dungeon Man, the world's first living dungeon; this may also be Dr. Andonut's first successful "Chimera" hybrid.

    Around the game's mid-point, Dr. Andonuts and several other NPCs are kidnapped by Giygas' forces and held captive inside Stonehenge Base, a subterranean alien fortress that exists beneath the famous landmark. When Ness and his friends prepare for their final battle against Giygas, Dr. Andonuts performs a procedure to transfer their consciousnesses into four humanoid robots so that they can safely travel into the past.

    Mother 3

    Dr. Andonuts makes a reappearance in the Nowhere Islands many years after the events of EarthBound. Lucas and his friends find Dr. Andonuts at the Chimera Laboratory, hiding in a trash can from the dangerous Chimeras roaming through the lab. Dr. Andonuts was evidently kidnapped by a time-travelling Pokey Minch and brought to the Nowhere Islands, where he was forced to develop Chimeras for the Pig Mask Army. He also designed Pokey's "Absolutely Safe Capsule", a device that Pokey seals himself inside after being defeated by Lucas and his friends near the end of the game.


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