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    Dr. Awesome, MicroSurgeon M.D.

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Dec 01, 2008

    Play as Dr. Awesome and save the contacts in your address book from infection by playing Qix.

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    In this game you save patients taken from your contact list by cutting out a certain percentage of areas of a cell containing viruses or bacteria.  Each patient has a certain number of hearts which are lost only if you fail a level.  If all hearts are lost then that patient dies.  The number of hearts each patient has is dependent on the number of infections they have and the difficulty based on how long you have been playing the game.  Also listed next to each patient is a remaining time for how long that patient has to live.  This is real world time so if a patient has a remaining time of 48 hours and you do not play the game for 2 days, that patient will expire.


    This game is played by choosing a patient and an infection and then playing a game of Qix.  This is played by holding your device flat and tilting it to move your cursor.  Behind your cursor you make a line as you move, and when you reach another wall the empty half (with no enemies) is cut away otherwise the smaller half (by area) is cut away with all the enemies it contains.  If an enemy touches you or your line as you are moving, you are reset to the wall and lose some amount of time to finish the level.

    Infections (Enemies)

    There are several different types of enemies in the game that impede your progress in different ways.
    • Regular Infections - These smaller infections will cause you to reset if they touch wither your cursor or your trail.
    • Large Infections - These infections can shoot smaller projectiles in 4 or 8 directions (left, right, up, and down for 4; including in between for 8).  These projectiles can pass through your trail but will cause you ro reset if they touch your cursor.  The infection itself will cause you to reset if it touches your cursor or your trail.
    • Wall Infections - These infections move along a wall and will cause you to reset if they touch your cursor but can freely pass through your trail.  After a few levels of playing these will appear on the trail you are currently cutting behind you causing you to hurry to another wall as you will reset if they reach your cursor.

    Antiviruses (Powerups)

    The more levels you go through, the more antiviruses will become available and randomly appear and dissappear in stages as you play.  You activate an antivirus by touching it with your cursor or cutting it off from the cell.
    • Time Antivirus - This will extend the amount of time you have left to complete a level.
    • Speed Antivirus - This will increase the speed of your cursor for a short period of time.
    • Slow Antivirus - This will slow down enemies for a short period of time.

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