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History of a evil scientist 

Drakken was not always evil. Before he was a bad guy, Drew Lipsky was attending a college where Kim Possible's father (Dr. Possible) met him. The reason Drew turned evil is because his robot "bebe's" became a laughing stock. This made him turn blue in the inside, and because of his sadness it eventually made his skin turn blue too. He changed his name to Drakken and got a sidekick named Shego. Drakken takes his anger out on Dr. Possibles' daughter Kim Possible. Kim Possible always foils his evil schemes and also makes him look like a fool. Drakken also hates Kim Possibles' sidekick Ron Stoppable, Ron has always accidentally destroyed his machines by stepping on a valuable piece. Or just tripping over some wires, this has many times made Drakken furious. Drakken wants to one day destroy Kim Possible, but thankfully this day will never come. 

Physical Description 

 Age: late 30's early 40's 
Height: 5'10" 
Weight: 180lbs 
Hair: Black, Ponytailed Mullet  
Eyes: Black

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