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Emil Hartman is a psychiatrist specialized in the treatment of artists in his clinic at Cauldron Lake Lodge, previously a hotel, over the lake.  The results of the treatments he provides are somewhat dubious as some of his patients remain at his care without the outlook of recovery.  

Role in Alan Wake

He was the author of the popular (fictional) book named the "Creator's Dilemma", a best-seller in psychiatry, by which Alice Wake came to know him. She had several appointments with him in which they discussed Alan Wake, and Emil invited the Wakes to relaxing trip to Bright Falls and to his clinic. 
 When Alan Wake arrived at the outskirts of the town, he set his shady friend Mot in their trail, in the intent of rein him in to his care. Although the disappearance of the writer set havoc in his plans.  
When he reappeared one week later, after Alan Wake got in touch with the police at the souvenir shop, Emil was already in the car entering town to find him.  
Afterwards he devised a plan bring Alan to his care, that succeeded despite some problems with Mot, and brought him to Cauldron Lake. In Alan's brief stay at the institution, Emil tried to convince him that Alice had drowned, and Alan was living a wild dream.  
But to the surprise of the characters in the game he knew already about the dark presence that was consuming Bright Falls, as he was also responsible, by his close support to Thomas Zane writings. And was preparing to snatch Alan from the Dark Presence grip, as he set up the lodge to withstand the darkness attacks with an abundance of light projectors, so that he could control the flow of the writer's work.  
Still it wasn't enough, as aided by the ruckus inside the lodge between patients and staff, the darkness breached it, and consumed Hartman. Curiously, he did not become Taken; the 'boss' of Cauldron Lake Lodge - and the last 'boss' fought by Alan before the end of the game - was the muscular Nurse Birch.

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