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A good variation on the Tetris gameplay 0

Dr. Mario was basically a different take on Tetris, having the plumber as the main theme and main selling point for the game. But overall it was a pretty cleaver and cool game, having a nice pace on the difficulty, changing from level to level. Still a good game to play in some small chunks on your handheld to this day....

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Diagnosis: Fun! 0

I'm not going to dance around this: I think Dr. Mario is tons more fun than Tetris! Sure, Tetris is great and all; it has superb music, and the concept is simple yet ingenious. But when Mario tosses on the white coat and stethoscope, all bets are off. Dr. Mario is insanely entertaining, and the music is good enough to leave on in the background even when you're NOT playing, just for ambient sound. When I found out you could play as Dr. Mario is Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I think I had an ecstasy a...

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Super addictive and fun puzzle game. 0

It should have been no surprise after the monster success of the Russian made puzzle game Tetris, that there would be many clones to follow with intentions to capitalize on that same success. There would be plenty of titles to either copy, add to, or perform a combination of both to craft the next monster puzzle game. Dr. Mario which originally made its debut on the Nintendo Entertainment System was among the first. However, instead of coming off as just another copy and paste, the game develope...

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Popping pills 0

A bit too simple Dr. Mario is a fine puzzle game and Tetris clone. The main problem is that it doesn't keep your interest up well enough. After you have cleared the first couple of top rows of viruses, which can be quite stressful and requires total focus on higher levels, the game lapses in to an arbitrary state where you clean up the bottom half of the screen without the need of any real effort. With an addition of more combos this part of the game might have snared my interest more.  Pros &am...

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Dr. Mario is just what the doctor ordered 0

If you are into puzzle games Dr. Mario may be the prescription you need. The core mechanics are similar to those of tetris in that you have to guide falling objects, in this case pills, and align them by color to kill the viruses. The pills come one at a time in many different color combinations and must be placed on top, bottom or either sides of the virus to kill it. Since the pills come in different colors you have to align the right colored pills to the corresponding colored viruses. It mus...

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