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    Dr. Regal

    Character » appears in 3 games

    Character in the Mega Man Battle Network franchise. He is the leader of Nebula and the main antagonist of Mega Man Battle Network 4 and 5.

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    Dr Regal is the son of  Lord Wily, according to Mega Man battle Network 5, and grew up with Baryl, the operator of Colonel.EXE
    Dr Regal's Navi is LaserMan.EXE.

    he is also the designer of the SoulNet and the creator of Nebula Grey, a cybernetic monster that consists of the dark energy of human souls.
    he also is able to capture and control  MegaMan.EXE, ProtoMan.EXE and Colonel.EXE as darkloids with a darkchip implanted in them. however, all 3 of them are able to break loose of the dark power, notably MegaMan, who gains the Chaos Unison through this method.


    it is noted that at the end of battle Network 5, his memory of the previous 10 years is erased by Dr. Wily, and he restarts his life as a SciLab employee.

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