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    Dr. Serizawa

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    The human protagonist of the 1954 film Gojira (Godzilla) and also the one who used his oxygen destroyer to kill the original Godzilla.

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    The Creation of the Oxygen Destroyer

    Research scientist Dr. Serizawa invents the oxygen destroyer in 1954. He first tests it within a small aquarium, and the device quickly corrodes the fish so that all remains are their skeletons. Serizawa knows the dangers that could come to the world if this powerful device fell into the wrong hands. It would surely end the world. He keeps the invention a secret only between him and his fiance, Emiko. She is terrified as she watches the oxygen destroyer in the fish aquarium.

    A new threat has come to Japan, however. It's Godzilla. Emiko cannot hold the terror secret, and eventually tells Ogata, a sailor she has fallen in love with. Both Ogata and Emiko confront Dr. Serizawa again and try to convince him to use the oxygen destroyer against Godzilla. Nothing else seems to be able this destructive beast. While reluctant at first, Dr. Serizawa eventually realizes the threat of Godzilla, and agrees to use his invention against it. Before doing so, he destroys all of his research leading up to the invention of the oxygen destroyer. He doesn't want anyone to try and steal his plans for their own hostile usage against the world.

    Later, Dr. Serizawa goes underwater to plant the oxygen destroyer near Godzilla. Once he activates it, he is to be pulled back up before the oxygen destroyer kills him as well. However, once Dr. Serizawa activates the oxygen destroyer, he cuts the rope that was going to be used to pull him up. Dr. Serizawa commits suicide, so that no one will ever be able to question him for the oxygen destroyer. He died along with the terrible weapon he had created. The crowd observing on a boat from above cheers as Godzilla decomposes and dies, but a look of gloom come over the faces of Ogata and Emiko. They know that the world has just suffered the loss of a great man. A true hero.

    Dr. Serizawa goes down in history as the only man to have ever killed off Godzilla effectively. In other words, he's a bad ass.

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