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    Dr. Zed

    Character » appears in 2 games

    Dr. Zed, a traveling Doctor of questionable skill and training, is the proprietor of the medical vending machines around Pandora.

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    Dr. Zed is the only human resident in Fyrestone to meet the Vault Hunters upon their arrival in Pandora. Dr. Zed lost his medical license for unknown reasons, probably something to do with the fact that he never had any medical training. As the Vault Hunters progress in their journey across Pandora, Dr. Zed relocates along with them. In addition to the infirmary in Fyrestone Dr. Zed can be found in New Haven and later in T-Bone Junction (DLC3).

    Dr. Zed Quotes

    • "I keep the medical equipment working--more or less"
    • "I still don't believe it- we've been sitting on the Vault all this time?"
    • "Now, if you find that Vault, you're gonna cut us all in on the profits, right?"
    • "So the Vault is real? I wouldn't have believed this planet has anything valuable on it."
    • "I don't know about that Dr. Tannis. Never trust a company man - and especially not a company woman."
    • "That scientist, Tannis, is as crazy as they come - why would you trust her?"
    • "That Tannis woman will be the death of you, mark my words."
    • "Never trust a man in uniform - especially when it has the Crimson Lance logo on it."
    • "Just what we need - The Crimson Lance, another bunch of thugs who think they own the place."
    • "Just who the hell are these Crimson Lance soldiers, anyway?"

    Medical Vending Machine Quotes

    • "Who needs a real doctor when you got my machines and their scary needles?"
    • "I might not have a med-school degree, but when you get shot you'll be happy I'm here."
    • "Buy a first aid kit! You won't regret it."
    • "If ya need healin', step right up!"
    • "You can call me Zed- everyone else does."

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