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    An old, lonesome sailor with a vendetta. His character is based off Captain Ahab, from the book, Moby Dick.

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    An old sailor Vyse meets in his adventure. Long ago he lost his eye and arm to a huge arcwhale called Rhaknam, and ever since he has made killing Rkaknam his only purpose in his life. His experience as a sailor is excellent and is very skilled. But with blunt attitude, he continues to sail alone on his ship "Little Jack".


    He joins and leaves and rejoins the party so much that it's hard to figure out what kind of equipment and weapons would benefit him the most. He also leaves the party because of the storyline and won't return until most of the story has progressed. Not to say that he'll return weak or anything, he'll come back roughly ten to twenty levels below the main party depending on how much time the player put into leveling the main party up.


    • Tackle (requires one moonberry to learn) - Drachma gathers green energy in his artificial arm and growls as he charges at the enemy. He says, "Take this!" just before he hits the enemy and passes them. Targets one enemy. It requires ten SP to use.
    • Spirit Charge (requires two moonberries to learn) - Drachma says "Eryahhh!" (or something like that) as blue flame-like energy surrounds him. It is like guard and focus in a sense because Drachma takes a defensive position and replenishes SP at the same time. Benefits him. It does not cost any SP to use in any case, so there's no horrible consequence to using this move.
    • Hand of Fate (requires four moonberries to learn) - Drachma is seen in a barren landscape with cloudy skies that have lightning in them. A part of the ground underneath Drachma breaks and rises up like a platform. He raises his artificial arm up and lets the lightning strike it. When the light stops being so blinding, the hand of Drachma's artificial arm becomes huge (think of Mag Launcher's skills from Evolution Worlds. It's a lot like that, except Drachma's hand is gray). He yells, "DIE!" as he jumps from the raised land and flattens the selected target with his huge hand. This move is a one-hit kill, but if the selected target happens to protection against instant death attacks, then it will deal a lot of damage.Targets one enemy. It requires twenty-five SP to use.

    Drachma is the only playable character that can equip Artificial Arms. Well, that was obvious... Most of them are not really artificial "arms" either but various weapon attachments like a hook (they are pirates after all) or a drill. Here is a list of artificial arms that he can use:

    • Artificial Arm (default weapon)
    • Hook Hand (can be bought at Sailor's Isle)
    • Beak Hand
    • Excavation Arm
    • Mace Hand (enemy drop)
    • De Loco Drill (can be found in the Moonstone Mountain Mines)
    • Ruin Arm
    • Mining Arm
    • Dragon Arm
    • Silver Arm

    Trivial Character Information/Personality/Interests

    Drachma is fifty-five years old. His strength is in fishing, most likely because he spent most of time fishing with his crew and his son when sailing in the Little Jack. He dislikes troublesome matters, like when he involves himself in going to Valua with Aika and Vyse or helps search for the Moon Crystals with Fina when his ultimate goal is to kill Rhaknam.

    The fact that Drachma joins and leaves and rejoins the party so much turns into a bit of a running gag, one announcement of his leaving changes to "Drachma has left your party...again." Drachma's name is a currency that was used in Greece until the country had adopted the currency of the euro. Drachma has no hobbies. He had a box of feathers that his son collected.


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