Dragalia Lost Alliance

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#1 Edited by Knuckleberry (75 posts) -

Hey folks, with the alliance feature being implemented i figured it natural we have one for Giant Bomb

I have aptly named it... "Giant Bomb"

Alliance ID 1909 9117

i value searchability.


here's a Dragalia Lost discord i've made for it

and here's a plug for the Unofficial GB discord where i hang out.


Put you Dragalia Lost name in here for me to approve your membership application or message me on discord

Opened it up so just go ahead and join.

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#2 Posted by colonel311 (2 posts) -


More casual than I used to be, probably will bounce between this and Pokemon masters. Just want to be part of a group

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#3 Posted by Knuckleberry (75 posts) -

@colonel311: Sorry if it wasn't clear you apply and i approve, i might just open it up if the initial lack of applicants is any indication of how this is gonna go lol

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#4 Posted by DrM2theJ (254 posts) -

Literally came to the forums to see if we needed an Alliance. Just applied to join. Might want to just open it up, I get the feeling there aren't that many players!

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#5 Posted by Perdido (100 posts) -

I threw my join in this morning

IGN: DrtyMnky

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#6 Edited by Jovanny23 (103 posts) -

" Yo Beast"

also use the alliance id guys there are already 4 GB alliances created

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#7 Posted by Onijai (35 posts) -

It's open so I joined but posting here anyway. IGN: Richard

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#8 Posted by AJSwain (11 posts) -

I just left my current alliance. I’ll be in there in 24 hours! Haha

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#9 Posted by Knuckleberry (75 posts) -

Yeah i opened it up, not a large enough volume for me to need to keep it locked down.

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