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A great piece of content that reminds me why I love Dragon Age

Dragon Age II Legacy is the first major downloadable content for Dragon Age II. Simply put, I thought it was fantastic and the best DLC I’ve played so far this year (To be far, thats not that much). If you’re someone like me who enjoyed Dragon Age II, you'll love this. 

 It may still look brown but at least its not Kirkwall
 It may still look brown but at least its not Kirkwall
First off I’d like to point out something really clever about the way Dragon Age II presents its story that hasn't really come up till now. Because it’s presented as a story bring told by Varric (Legacy is as well), they don't have to figure out where the DLC fits in the timeline of the main story. Instead it’s simply stated as something Varric failed to mention, because he didn't figure it was that important. This works as a great way to allow the player to play the DLC whenever they wish without worrying about doing things in order. It also gives Bioware a great out while keeping the player immersed. 
Content wise, Legacy doesn't lack at all. Its location is basically a large multilayer dungeon, with each layer having its own unique look. That’s another thing worth praising about Legacy, it’s not in Kirkwall.  For the most part the location feels very different from the main game. And while some of the rooms have familiar looks to them, for the most part it’s all new and fresh looking.  
Lots of new dialogue and banter from you party is present throughout, which is great because that’s always been my favorite part about the Dragon Age games. You even get unique dialogue and cut-scenes depending on who you bring. I brought along Bethany, Varric, and Anders, all of which had their own unique bits within the story and side missions that related to them. Bethany (and I assume Carver as well) in particular is worth bringing along if available as the story revolves around Hawke's family and their father, Malcolm Hawke.
 A rouge can make short work of this guy, shank style. 
 A rouge can make short work of this guy, shank style. 

 Combat is spiced up with several new enemy types at keep combat fun. My favorite was this hulking Darkspawn that carries this massive shield and rams into you with it. A frontal assault is mostly useless but good use of the rouge's teleporting can make short work of him. 

 The final did not disappoint by providing an interesting end boss (whose back story was actually really neat and plays into the deeper parts of the fiction), and let me walk away with some sick loot that I can bring back into the main game. It all ended well with a touching conversation back at Hawke’s Mansion that rapped everything up nicely. 

  Dragon Age II Legacy could have easily been a disappointment. Bioware could have gone the “Arrival” route and simply give you a combat focused DLC with little story. Instead they gave a great piece of content filled with lots of dialogue from both your party and others you meet throughout, and a good little side story that I’d say was even better then the main game’s. I finished it in around two and a half hours, which for some may seem short for a $10 price point. I thought it ended up being worth the asking price as this DLC encompassed everything about Dragon Age that I love, which is everything I could have hoped for.

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