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    Dragon Age II

    Game » consists of 16 releases. Released Mar 08, 2011

    This sequel to Dragon Age: Origins features faster combat, a new art style, and a brand new, fully voiced main character named Hawke.

    guip1408's Dragon Age II (PC) review

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    One of the most underappreciated Games I've played

    First let me start with the negative and why I didn't gave it 5 stars. The game has some technical problems, for instance, alot of the cutscenes have focus problems and stays blurry for most of it. As well as while you're walking through the city at night the lights keep poping on and off, what was weird. And the enemy variety could've been deeper for the amount of fighting the game has.

    That said, I love this game. I don't understand why people that liked Origins hated it so much. I love how the story it tells is kind of straight, you never feel lost, each one of the three chapters has it's own purpose. It's like a trilogy of events put into one game. Being three arcs with a nice beginning and end. I really enjoyed this format, as well as the quest format where you just keep traveling through familiar places and having some well written dialogue with your party members. It makes if easy for you to remember where everyone is and where each road will take you.

    The side quests feel meaningful, and the games makes it easy for you to do all of them by the accessibility of just traveling from place to place through the map selection. One thing that the came improved on DA Origins, in my opinion, was the involvement of the party members, when I played Origins it felt like it was just your story and later becoming Alistar's story, with Morrigan alwasy having something crazy to say or do. While I can't even remember the rest of the crew. In Dragon Age 2, each character has a well written arc with some really nice side quests for you to know them and what they're all about. What's their purpose to follow you, and will be easy to remember them all.

    The combat is another thing I felt it was improved from Origins, it's faster, I enjoyed alot, playing as a Rogue. It really felt like playing WOW during combat, just with the pause system. The ability system borrowed heavy from WOW also, I think, what I loved and won't blame them for that. Having three specialties and most of the same spells. The leveling up never felt it took so long, or so short. I loved the pace and the sense of upgrading/unlocking your skills. I usually don't feel that powerful in games like this, but in this one I was really strong.

    But the best part for me was how they implemented their Bioware special, with the sense of choice, making you feel that you matter and your attitudes have an impact and would go in a different way if you had choose differently. With the traditional dialogue arc and really great writting. You follow the steps as Hawke while trying to make the world a better place, basically. I hope more people give it a shot.

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