Guys, You Might Wanna Sit Down: Dragon Age 3 Exists

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#201 Posted by John1912 (2395 posts) -

Yea, DA2 is shit.  Still haven't even bothered to finish it.  Bioware has been on a bit of a slide for a long time imo, but EA has really sent it into the toilet.  

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Alright ... I consider myself a Bioware fanboy. I loved DA:O (finished it 4 times, Awakenings 2 times), I loved Mass Effect 1+2 and I loved everything else they did (Jade Empire etc.)

I was very excited for DA2 until I played it and noticed the alarming lack of production value. Im not even talking about how they "mainstreamed" that game even if that was not 
neccessary at all (imho) ... I would have been ok with that. But the pure lack of art, the bad (bad bad bad) storytelling  ... that was terrible for me and just not the level of quality I 
came to expect from Bioware.

There still is no doubt I will get Mass Effect 3 and the news they might be looking into another setting that is not Fantasy or SciFi got me excited ... but playing Witcher 2 atm I feel
like Bioware really has to step it up a notch. I was dead sure they would to a DA3 and there is no doubt I will keep an eye on it ... but this time they will have to convince me that 
the game is worth the money.

And I really hope they take their time with DA3 and don't just put out another cash in game.
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I really hope they make the third one more akin to Dragon Age: Origins. Enough with this Action-RPG nonsense, DA:O was perfect in my opinion.

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@GetBentTheVideoGame said:
Gonna be a rail shooter.
The scary part is that you might not be wrong!
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Wow this is great GB has so much news now it's so fucking great!!

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#206 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6116 posts) -


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I don't think its fair to completely hate on Dragon Age 2 considering that what it got right was far better than many other games in the same genre. It clearly could have used more structure and content. However if the reviews for 3 come claiming "more of the same" its very possible I won't even touch it.

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#208 Posted by FatherHydra (31 posts) -

Hopefully they take their time with this one.

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#209 Posted by Dookysharpgun (622 posts) -

While true, I think its a severe case of the bad far-outweighing the good, and whatever it did right can't be forgiven because of the level of crap piled in on top of it. I know what you mean though, some shitty games I've played have done things better than triple A titles, but as they suck in all other areas, they end up just flat out failing and being hated. DA2 had some ok ideas, but they were under explored, being left instead to curl up under the filth that amassed on top of them, as they wept softly to themselves, until the suffocated and died.

I think the hate comes with the territory, they took an idea that made Bioware's best selling game, and then warped it. Had they done a spin-off game like AC: Brotherhood, it could be forgiven, but this lies inside the Canon and can't be retconned without some amount of painstaking writing...or a written apology from Bioware with a picture of them burning the corpses of the devs behind DA2...either way seems good to me :D

OT: I hope they do well with this game, but I doubt I'll be buying it on day one. Unless they show some gameplay and bring out a demo that has some actual content in it that isn't superficial, people will always have doubts, and that can only hurt the chances of selling a game like they used to. 
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#210 Posted by Dookysharpgun (622 posts) -
@John1912:  Just for your profile picture, everything you said there cannot be denied :D
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Really loved DA2, one of the best games of the year. Yes, the random battles would have been frustrating but when you use the magic spell called "killallhostiles" they didn't bother me. I really play RPGs nowadays mainly for the story and characters anyway.

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#212 Posted by Aarny91 (3959 posts) -

Eh. The first was kind of okay, second bad... so I wonder where they're going with this.

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#213 Posted by MachoFantastico (6375 posts) -

After Dragon Age 2 I think I'll pass. 

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#214 Posted by Nottle (1933 posts) -

Dragon Age Origins was one of the finest RPG's i've played. DA2 was ok. Very dissapointing but I had some fun. I still like the series more than Mass Effect. They should stop trying to emulate it. That dialogue system is atrocious compared to DAO.

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#215 Posted by Summoboomo (143 posts) -
@WrathOfBanja said:
Dragon Age: 3 Dungeons
Dragon Age 3: A Dungeon
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I'm not surprised, DA2 was really just filler for a 3rd game, hopefully though this time they TAKE.THEIR.TIME. with this and make a quality game with fleshed out different environments. I would hate to have to struggle through DA3 just to find out the story.

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#217 Posted by SPCTRE (330 posts) -
@FatherHydra said:
Hopefully they take their time with this one.
What he said.
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#218 Posted by semicolon1twlev2 (919 posts) -
@Godlyawesomeguy said:
@dreDREb13 said:
Fucking Dragon Age II...  One of the worst games I've played.  It's nice to know they're rushing out a third one to cash in again.  The worst part is that they're sticking with the changes they made in Dragon Age II.  If you fuck up Mass Effect, your end will be final, Bioware.
Woah woah woah, hold the goddamn phone. Dragon Age 2 is one of the worst games you have ever played? How many games do you actually play? Also, how the hell do you they're sticking with the changes? They haven't even formally announced it yet. Fucking people jumping to conclusions all the time.....
There was actually an interview in which one of the devs flat-out stated that they would not go back to the original formula for DAIII.  :|  I didn't jump to conclusions, I based it off of fact.

And yes, I do find this game to be among the worst.  Dumbed-down RPG elements, horrible characters, horrible story, horrible ending, horrible pacing, horrible setting, horrible re-use of environments, horrible combat, horrible quests, characters that seem to want to jump your cock any time you make one flirtatious comment towards them, and then that ending.  Oh...  Oh, dear god, that ending.

I was okay with the game at first, but when I kept playing to realize it was all the same shit over and over, and then I wasn't even given the satisfaction of a good ending, that sealed the deal with this game.
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I loved both the dragon age games. I'm looking forward to this one as well.

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anyone else genuinely feel concerned for Vinny's well-being now? a few podcasts back, i almost felt bad for the guy... TRYING to be enthusiastic about DA2.  borderline sounded like he was putting up with torture lol

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Due for release next month?

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If they go back to their original idea with dragon age 1 then this could be awesome, but if its anything like 2 then I will be passing on it.

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DA 2 wasnt terrible, it had flaws but overall i enjoyed the story. I prefered the action oriented combat more than the combat from DA:O


Hopefully DA 3 has more than 8 dungeouns though.

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DA 3 will not be released until at least 2013, can we first talk about the possible DLC for DA 2 before getttin pumped on the third one.  While we are at it, Final Fantasy XV was announced as well.  

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#225 Posted by woodtsunami (189 posts) -
@Egge said:
Hope it got space mining this time. Only thing DA2 lacked, really...
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#226 Posted by MrMcJerk (59 posts) -
@zodiac_motherfucker: I lol'ed
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