Leaked Gameplay + Good Previews, son!

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IGN,Gamespot,Destructoid,Polygon, and Kotaku have totally good previews.

Playable Qunari. Tactical top-down combat. Large armies and controllable keeps. A massive world that the team compares to Skyrim, complete with interactive environments and graphics that scream "holy crap, this is next-gen!"

This new Dragon Age is ambitious, and looking extraordinary so far.

And you could pick as Qunari. Anyway, this looks so good. And I totally wanna see what ends up happening with multiplayer. Thoughts?

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Already posted (by only like 20 minutes, but still). And seriously, this is the umpteenth time I've noticed you post a duplicate thread, often when it's already on the main page or is at least right at the top of the board...

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#3 Posted by Jimbo (10472 posts) -

I'm interested. Combat looks a bit Button = Awesome maybe.

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Combat seems way too Witcher 2 ... mixed feelings , seems cool and all but DA games has always been about party combat (yes even DA 2)

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Looks demon soulish.

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#6 Posted by cloudnineboya (990 posts) -

cool, redownloaded origins to play again.

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