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Dragon Age: Legends is a turn-based, free to play RPG set in the Dragon Age franchise. It is set in parallel with Dragon Age II in the surrounding areas of the Free Marches city, Kaiten, in the continent Thedas. The game made its debut on social media website Facebook in March 2011 and later Google+, it was shut down by EA in June 2012. A downloadable version is available for players to play a single-player version after the original version is closed, continuing where their online version left off.


A player and companions in combat
A player and companions in combat

Legends is designed similarly Dragon Age Journeys. When it became apparent that Journeys would take too long to complete, its design and development team were transferred to the social-network oriented Legends (producer of Journeys and Legends Ethan Levy still has plans to complete Journeys in the future).

The characters, areas and UI are all of the same graphical style and features no in-game cut-scenes. Trailers have shown evidence of cut-scenes of important events drawn in the same way as the game itself.

Legends featured music from the Dragon Age II soundtrack.


13 years prior to the game, the Viscount of Kaiten, a city-state of the Free Marches, became possessed by a pride-demon in his old age. Fearing for the city and its people, his nephew Ravi lead a band of companions, including the player-character, to defeat him. This story can be played in Dragon Age: Legends Remix. A side-scrolling beat-em up with the same design as Legends on video game journalism website IGN.

In the present day (around the timeline of Dragon Age II) Viscount Ravi grants the player-character one of his old estates and resources in the hopes that he/she will find his missing son, Elton, who was born a tranquil (a mage, who without a link to The Fade, where their power is drawn from, lives a life without emotion).


There are two main forms of gameplay, building a castle as part of an estate given to your character and the traditional Dragon Age combat and exploration. Players had the option to purchase in-game currency to improve their castle and player-character in the original online version. E-commerce was shut down on May 18th following the announcement that the game would be shut down.


An expanded castle in Dragon Age: Legends
An expanded castle in Dragon Age: Legends

Rooms with different functions are built in the castle, some rooms create different potions, some rooms create injury kits. Potion making happens in real-time, two health potions potentially taking three real-world hours to create for example. Providing resources and a tavern will tip the happiness scale of your castle's residents and workers positively.


Battles involve characters lining up in rows, the characters in the back rows, namely archers and mages, cannot be attacked by the opposing front row until their own front row characters have been defeated. The same Dragon Age attribute adding and skill unlock systems return and different weapons are only usable by level.

Facebook friends who are playing the game can be recruited into battles.

Cross-brand Promotion Unlockables

Linking Dragon Age: Legends to your EA account has unlockables


EA2D updated Dragon Age: Legends with new additions to player castles, new areas, and items.


  • Storehouse - Increases player inventory cap, purchasing upgrades for it will increase it further.
  • Theatre - Allows a player's friends to assign a worker to preform at, yielding a happiness boost to said player's castle. The theatre is awaiting release.
  • Treasury - Setting a worker at the treasury will allow automatic collection of gold from friends who used your character in battle.


  • Raids - Outside of the story, players could engage in boss-battles, including fighting a dragon.


  • Planasene Forest - Added when Dragon Age: Legends went into open-beta, the area consists of undead enemies.


  • Respec - Ability to reallocate stats and abilities
  • Guilds - Ability to add Facebook friends and in-game characters to your own guild.

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