Can anyone explain the difficulty settings on 360 compared to PC?

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So after some internal debate with Dragon Age 2 coming out I decided to pick up the Ultimate edition for 360. I played about 15 hours on the PC on "Hard", but didn't want to invest in cables and wireless keyboard/mouse to play it on my TV. Plus I plan on playing 360 version of the 2nd so I'd like an import option. 
Before I started I was curious how the diffuculties compare? I like a very very stiff challenge, not so hard that you can't play it. But on the PC version of "hard" you had to very tactical, pausing, and a slight misstep was certain death. That or you had to do side quests, and upgrades so that sections would be easier. 
I heard Hardcore 360 = Normal PC and Nightmare 360 = Hardcore PC. Is that true or are there other differences behind the scenes that we don't know about?  
Thanks for the input.

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I find the chaotic nature of the console gameplay makes it quite hard in some cases that would require a lot of coordination/spells&talents from your party. in the brecilian forest, where you have to disturb the tombstones to make revenants appear, I found it impossible to kill the revenant and his posse of skeletons on "normal", for example. my party would be dead so quick, I didn't even have to to reposition them individually and/or activate their talents. I did that while being level 10ish with everybody, maybe that's the reason.

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Console version is quite easy compared to PC version, though you still cannot be reckless.  You're pretty much right on in your comparisons.  Having played both versions, I found the PC to be a greater challenge but a lot more fun.  

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