Free Shale Code

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Got an extra copy of the Shale code. First PM gets it.
Edit: From my 360 version of the game (not sure that matters).

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Dude, why? 
Everyone who bought the game should have it, and don't you want it?

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#3 Posted by RazeEverything (124 posts) -

Used a friends code on a copy i got from Gamefly (he bought the content without realizing there was a code in the box somehow) and now i bought the game from Gamefly and i used the Dragon Armor code but have no use for the Shale code. 
Dragon Armor code worked so guessing the Shale code is still good.

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#4 Posted by drowsap (725 posts) -

i sent pm fingers crossed lol

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#5 Posted by RazeEverything (124 posts) -

Code went out to Babylonian, yeps

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