Is the console version playable after finishing the PC version?

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So i have already finished both origins and awakening on the PC and i have enjoyed it so much i want to own a legit copy  
I can easily obtain the PS3 ultimate edition wich has all the expansions and awakening included but i wonder if its even playable on consoles after being spoiled with superior controls and mods
I recall there were a couple of quest breaking bugs that mods fixed, was able to re-spec all my characters wich made the combat less of a torture and "almost"  fun and overall there were alot of moments where i wanted to manually control my entire party where i would assume a controller simply would not suffice. that and the infinite gold cheat 
Im afraid i will miss all these things to much to be able to enjoy the epic ness of dragon age when i'l be replaying the game
Is it save to buy the ultimate edition now for PS3 or should i just wait for another steam sale?

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You cheated in a game that you stole, is there anything else we need to know about you? Do you have right to work documents?

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You stole it and cheated throughout it to make it easier, not to fix the shameless amount of bugs? For fuck's sake, man.

Anyway, PC Dragon Age all the way. The are simply too many bugs and problems with it to risk it and it's simply more comfortable to play.

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@Ghostiet said:

You stole it and cheated throughout it to make it easier, not to fix the shameless amount of bugs? For fuck's sake, man.

Not being able to preview talents/abilitys before making a lifelong commitment to them was a huge bug in my book. 
Being stuck with wasted talent points will often totally ruin a game for me, especially in a game where  points have such a big value tied to them as in dragon age.
I had close to a dozen mods installed to fix quests and even some of the core game stats like stamina regen and +healing were borked without mods
I wont defend the use of gold creation or pirating games to determine if a product is worth buying. but to attack someone on the type of mods they used to supplement the developers design choises to more befit theyr own can be considered a attack on pc gaming in general
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Dragon Age Origins doesn't play so well on consoles, if you've already played the PC version it's even worse.

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it will rape your eyes.

however the controll scheme they layout for the consoles are extremely well.

i wish Bioware make all their PC release compatible with the X360 controller.

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Preview? What do you mean? You can see every ability and what they do before you buy them, complaining about the fact that you can't USE them before you buy them is stupid. And only a few are bugged beyond usefulness (Haste), the rest either works as promised or are overpowered (Shimmering Shield).

Making mistakes in Dragon Age is actually not a big deal, since a) you get a respec book in the DLCs and Awakening, b) the game is hopelessly easy even on Nightmare with broken-ass classes like Blood Mage or Arcane Warrior, especially since you already know every trick up its sleeve if you attempt it on Nightmare. Hell, playing the game as a mage is a general no-brainer, you don't even need to add points to anything else than Magic.

And shut up about an "attack on PC gaming", I'm not attacking PC gaming being someone who doesn't give a fuck about platforms, I'm attacking your pretty lazy approach to gaming itself.

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@Ghostiet said:

Preview? What do you mean? You can see every ability and what they do before you buy them,

Wich in its default form is wholly inadequate in Dragon age:origings
Just take the example of "Fade shroud": 
Shimmering Shield
Range: Personal
Upkeep: 40
Fatigue: 5%
Cooldown: 30s
Requires: Level 14
The arcane warrior is surrounded by a shimmering shield of energy that blocks most damage and grants large bonuses to armor and all resistances. When active, however, the Shimmering Shield consumes mana rapidly.
Nowhere does it state how much dodge, is it a flat amount? is it percentage based? does it only take into consideration my base stats or my total?
The exact same thing for its mana regen. If that counts as a adequate ability description then i must be the queen of england.
The same seriously lacking expose is available for every other attack and ability, there are way too many variables left unexplained. Things that look great on paper can be a complete waste of a precious talent point and things that look horrible can just as easily be massively overpowered. Mods that alleviate flaws and help people increase theyr enjoyment in a game how can anyone be against that?  Hell if someone wants to add new content and  create a mod to inflate morrigans boobs or change Alistair to be hard gay more power to them!, i can not understand how you can be against more freedom and choise within theyr game.

Anyway i do not wish to focus on the games flaws when it does so much right in the storytelling department to completely offset the balance.  
This argument has made me make up my mind and simply wait for another steam sale considering that without the mods to fix all the grievances and bugs i probably would not be able to stomach another playthrough
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Then I agree and understand what you are talking about. Still, you've chosen a pretty fucking broken ability to explain your point, but I get it. DA2 actually alleviates that problem, though the problem is still there, what with abilities being broken to hell.

I'm not against mods. Hell, I'm all for them. But you didn't wrote about modification, you wrote about cheating by giving yourself infinite gold and respecing your character throughout the game (even though you get the means to do it later in the game). A bit of clarification in the opening post would make this conversation a lot simpler and less hostile, you know.

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360/PS3 versions of DA:O run like fucking garbage, especially the PS3 version. Game looks horrid on that resolution with that hardware, bricked load times, and trashy ass framerate on consoles. Buying the PC version after literally being unable to finish the game on PS3 was a blessing for my brain. 
In short; no. 

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@Questionable: I never experienced any quest breaking bugs, but I would advise against buying a console version if you have played the pc version.  Buy it on steam if you want to correct your thievery.
I won't call you a cheater for respeccing your DA:O characters... Bioware did add in the ability to do that in both Awakening and DA:2, so obviously they view their not including one in the first as being an error.  In fact it always pissed me off that they gave you characters that were so horribly optimized that the game could only be considered difficult if you continued down the terrible default paths.
That said, respeccing wasn't needed to make DA:O easy.  The most powerful builds in the game for rogues and warriors require only six talent points and daggers.  The most powerful mage build I found requires more, but if you take Wynne as your mage she's more or less specced correctly... dump some points into arcane warrior and spirit healer and buy up all the offense and defense oriented passive sustained abilities and throw two daggers in her hand and you have a powerhouse melee character that's virtually impossible to hit or do physical damage of any kind to and has one of the best taunts in the game.
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Unfortunately for you, OP, I think people here are going to more tear you apart for pirating a very good game and cheating through it on top of it.

You defend "freedom and choice," which DA:O has plenty of in everything except for skill allocation, in which case it's designed to force you to make tough choices on skill choices. It's not like WoW or something where you can drop some gold to respec.

So by doing this, not only are you sending the message that the game isn't worth your money, but you're also saying the game is designed wrong.

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I played the PC version first before i picked up the Xbox 360 version. I honestly had more fun on the console version. The controls and graphics are of course not as good. But they suffice quite well even on harder difficulties

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I own both the 360 and PC versions, and I prefer the 360 version simply because I get to play it on my TV. All I really cared about was the story, so I Just played it on normal and had a great time.

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So, you come on here and admit you pirated the game, ballsy. You also decide to manipulate a game and ask if its playable on the consoles? That seems like a retarded question. What makes you think that the games flaws wont reflect on the console version at all, and not to mention expect real help from a great community who despises pirates?


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@AnimZero said:

So by doing this, not only are you sending the message that the game isn't worth your money, but you're also saying the game is designed wrong.

Quite the opposite, i will pirate a game if i am uncertain if its quality or style of play will meet my expectations, now here i am after completing the game wanting to give bioware my money to reward them for a good product despite the fact i can just as easily move on and keep that money cozily tucked in my wallet. 
And yes the game is designed wrong when it comes to its skill/talent system, so wrong that bioware themselves sought to rectify them in the following expansion and sequal.
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This topic is awesome, in a very saddening way.

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