Serious bugs and glitches...Help?

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After starting my third play through of DA:O, and putting in about 13 hours worth of gaming, my game started to glitch pretty badly. I first noticed it with longer then normal loading times between areas, which soon lead to long loading times when starting a conversation, and now I'm lucky if I even hear the conversationg because the audio cuts out, or becomes choppy. To top it off, I just completed the save the Arl/urn of sacred ashes quest and it took me a good half hour to get through the cut-scene where the Arl is saved and you are to decide jowans fate. To get to that point alone took five PS3 restarts because it kept freezing at the initial loading screen. I can't even play through Denerim because it freezes any time some one tries to talk to my Warden.

So, I was just wondering if this has to do with my disc (which is clean, no scartches or anything), my playstation (which is essentially new, got it from my grandfather last August, and he had never really used it), or if it just my save file and it would be better to scrap it and start over?

If it's the file I'd rather know now, so I don't through away 20 or 30 hours of gameplay.

Thanks in advance.

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