What are the best Dragon Age mods?

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Having realized I don't need the Toolset installed to use mods, I am wondering if folks have any to recommend? 

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The only mod I use is the respec mod with the raven.  Works great and lets you build the characters to your desires undoing *awful* choices the game makes for you before they join your party.
There are some others out there that do various things but most basically equate to cheating by giving you godlike armor or are so complicated there's a good chance they'll corrupt your save games... I'd definitely recommend going mod lite for a while.

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The storage chest in your camp is quite useful.

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that is kinda whack how bioware DIDNT include a storage chest from the get go. and only let you have one by paying FAR out the ass for DLC.... wiggity whack i say.

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I have quite a few mods in my game.
Pineappletrees Vibrant Eye Colours, Nude patch for Desire Demon and Lady of the Forrest, Haydenstars Leliana Hair Mod, Morrigans Necklace Removed and Mabari War Hound Reskin, These ones all add to immersion for the game and have some aesthetic changes which I prefer, i.e. I have my War Hound look like a Wolf and Leliana has same hair as Morrigan since I prefer how she looks with it and characters eyes actually have colour rather than being some really bland dark brown.
Respec Ravens, Steal Skill Cooldown Reduced, Black Templar Armor, Shadow Warden Armor and DLC Pre-Order Item replicas. These change gameplay cause they either change skills or specifications.
The DLC Pre-Order mod is a great mod, it makes available replicas (renamed with new descriptions but retain same attributes) as the items you got from pre-ordering from specific retailers.
I personally live in Australia so buying from Gamestop, Amazon or Impulse just isn't possible since they're US retailers. This mod gives me access to these items BUT it doesn't make them available in your inventory from the start of the game, you need to purchase them in game from Bodhan in the Party Camp.
Steal skill cooldown mod reduces cooldown for stealing skill from 10 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
The two armors are rather overpowered for what they are but they look awesome, so I got them.

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Loot & Gamebalance Revision for Dragon Age: Origins


This mod for Dragon Age: Origins changes the itemization of the game. It adds about 600 new balanced items and a fully configurable loot system to the game. All the new items were created using a pattern to ensure that everything is balanced, when using the difficult default settings.


The new items are sold by various vendors in the world, but they can also be acquired by looting dead enemies or containers. Whenever you enter an area for the first time, the new loot system randomly places the new magic items and other goodies in all kinds of lootable objects. You can even edit the percent chances to see these items drop directly. You can tweak the loot system to your liking by setting over 30 different settings. With all the new loot, you will constantly be improving your equipment over the course of the game.


The mod also allows you to enable some balance changes that increase the difficulty of the game and a few misc things like a modified Auto Loot which is compatible to this mod are included as well. The new loot system and all other settings are optional and can easily be configured or disabled by running the setup wizard at any time.


A more detailed description, 20 screenshots and several download links can be found here:


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Skip the Fade. Provided you actually hate the Fade as much as I do.
The respec mod is quite useful too.

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Skip the Fade is a definite must, if you're not a fan of that part of the game. When you get sent to the Fade by Sloth, you will start out at  weisshaupt as you did before, but the Fade pedestal will just send you to the first Companion dream instead of the pentagram-table thing. You then simply complete the dream, where the next pedestal will take you to the next dream, and then the next, until your confrontation with Sloth. After that, you accumulate all the XP, codex entries and stat boosts you'd have gotten if you played it through the entire way and collected everything. 
I also recommend Improved Atmosphere. It just adds and changes a lot of little things that just help make the game that little bit more enjoyable if you've played it through already. 
I'm also going to look at the respec mod that people have been recommending.
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better skin models 

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Lock Bash.
Makes you wonder that it was in the original game to begin with but taken out?

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@biggblack86: Yeah it was pretty bullshit, I wonder how much dough they made off of that. 
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nude mods

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