Dragon Age: Origins

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    Dragon Age: Origins is an epic fantasy role-playing game featuring a rich story, personality-driven characters, and tactical, bloody combat. It is considered a spiritual successor to the Baldur's Gate series.

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    A Beautiful Song 6

    While she’s no Morrigan, Leliana certainly was a great deal of help in my party for my fight against the blight, the latest piece of DLC follows Leliana’s journey back to when she was running in small gang of criminals led by Marjolaine, a femme fatale who is very French. Starting out in the market district at night you are accompanied by Sketch, a competent yet occasionally cowardly elf mage who offers the comic relief and Tug, the aggressive and repressive dwarf warrior who just wants to ge...

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    A truly saddening alternate look to the Dragon Age storyline. 2

     Depressing its story may be, but fun to play though isn't quite as assured.  Darkspawn Chronicles gives you the alternate history of just What If the main character didn't survive the joining. The bumbling, naive though good hearted Alistair is then shown to of taken the lead. You instead now take the role of a Hurlock Vanguard who is tasked with leading the invasion ofDenerim during the last few hours of the Dragon Age: Origins story.  It's an interesting concept, though one that's sadly squan...

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    Dragon Age Origins Golems of Amgarrak Review: Yawn 0

    Golems of Amgarrak is another sub par dlc for Origins. The focus of the dlc is that a dwarven expedition to a lost thaig had failed to return, and a dwarf named  Jerrik Dace needs your help to find his brother who was on the expedition. There is a big mystery surrounding what happened to the expedition, but its clearly not good. You spend the entire dlc in the thaig, and its the exact same as any part of the deep roads in the main game except for a few easy puzzles.  I need to find my brother.....

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    As one story ends, another always begins. 1

    Witch Hunt is the final finale of the seemingly never ending stream of Dragon Age: Origins Downloadable Content and is based around the premise to dust up a lot of the cobwebbed plot holes concerning Morrigan and just what her grand scheme of things is really about. And while it does, somewhat, deliver on this promise, the hour or so it takes to reach this conclusion is both boring, tedious and a highly iterative endeavour that has you go through the same environments facing the same enemies all...

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    Dragon Age Origins Warden's Keep Review: A short mission pack 0

    Wardens Keep is a short dlc add on for Dragon Age Origins. A merchant named Levi Dryden shows up in your camp before you buy the pack; accept his invitation to adventure, and you'll be taken straight to the marketplace to buy it for 560 microsoft points. So begins a short dungeon romp with a twist. Its a neat package but there is very little content in this dlc, especially considering its the same price as a dvd rental. The premise of the dlc is that you are going to an abandoned grey warden for...

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    Should we have listened when she said, "Never follow me"? 2

     Morrigan is the focal point of Witch Hunt. Also, my dreams... sigh. When Dragon Age: Origins was first released last fall, the sassy and sardonic witch companion Morrigan quickly became a fan favorite.  Her biting comments at the expense of other characters was a constant source of humor in the game, and the fact that you could get her to put out didn't hurt, either.  By the end of the game, Morrigan was still as mysterious as she was in the beginning, leav...

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    Dragon Age Origins Darkspawn Chronicles Review: Broken mess 0

    The Darkspawn chronicles was a great concept: replay the ending of Origins but in a changed history where the hero of Fereldan died during the joining and Alistair had lead the defense of Denerim. You play not as the noble heroes, but as the darkspawn themselves. This great concept has been utterly wasted in this miserable add on for Origins.  You will be seeing this map a lot The action starts out in the city as you take control of a Hurlock Vanguard fighter, a Darkspawn with a fancy helmet and...

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    Worth every penny 2

    I'm no fan of DLC but this is one defiantly worth getting.  The Stone Prisoner is basically a new character for your party which you obtain through a small quest. The quest itself is not long but does an excellent job of giving the new character some background, I won't say more because I don't wish to spoil it.  At the end of the quest you are joined by Shale, a golem who will follow you. In combat he makes an excellent tank and he'll take a lot of punishment, he can dish it out too. Out of com...

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    Worth the price on utility alone 1

    The Warden's Keep DLC add-on for Dragon Age is an easy buy if you plan to put a large amount of time into the game. At 560 microsoft bucks, you get about an hour long adventure, several extremely useful pieces of loot, and afterwards access to a vendor, blacksmith and most importantly an item storage chest. I would have paid double for this infinite capacity chest all by itself, as it became invaluable for storing rare and powerful equipment I could not yet use, or wanted to preserve for whateve...

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    Witch Hunt - False Advertisement 0

    Having completed Witch Hunt this weekend, I find myself utterly disappointed and wishing I could get back those Bioware points.   I completed this DLC in about 2-3 hours.  And I am the type of player that squeezes every last drop out of these types of games.  It took me 97 hours to beat Origins. ***Vague Spoilers Ahead***  Players gather a total of three companions, including one returning companion from Origins.  No gifts are available for these companions.  NOTE:  No rogue is available as a co...

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    The latest piece of Dragon Age DLC is also the worst. 1

    Even with the announcement of Dragon Age 2, the never ending bevy of downloadable content for the Origins of the franchise still keeps a rollin'.  This latest piece, Golems of Amgarrak, returns the player with their Warden character to aid the Dwarf Jerrik Dace into searching for his lost brother who disappeared on an expedition during the Blight. The story alludes to have alot of mystery about it, to just what did happen to the expedition but won't nearly meet most expectations after all the bu...

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    The Darkspawn Chronicles are a mess, and not worth your money 0

      If there's anything Homer's Iliad has taught us, it's probably that every conflict has two sides to it. Both men wielding the blade against one another on the battlefield have their own reasons for doing so, and it is important not to diabolise either party until you have a full understanding of their respective ideologies. Dragon Age: Origins featured an excellent story that saw you, a valiant Grey Warden, beat off the threat of the Darkspawn. However, the question of what drives the Darkspaw...

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    Return to Ostagar: Short on story, heavy on combat. 0

    Dragon Age is a great game with a lot of content. Return to Ostagar is yet another little diversion to keep you busy until the next game comes out, giving you more of the same great story-infused tactic gameplay, but ultimately not offering anything different or meaty enough to be of much worth.The gist of things is that you’ve been tasked with retrieving the gear of the late King Cailin. That means, as the title suggests, returning to the battle-torn Ostagar. What you’ll ultimately get out of O...

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    A masterpiece RPG that makes you feel part of something epic 0

    Dragon Age must be one of the best RPG games around (as far as western RPGs go). The scope of its campaign alone truly makes you feel part of a grand battle of good vs. evil and in this case evil dwells both underground in forms of hordes of grizzly enemies and lurks in the heart of men, driven by pride, ambition and intrigue. The storyline of Dragon Age is a mighty one and depending on which of the six different origin stories you chose, you will stand witness to the story of how a young hero ...

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    All action, no talk. 0

    Wanting to get back into Dragon Age: Origins I popped the disc into my 360 to find some downloadable content, so I see something called “The Darkspawn Chronicles”, the description reads “Play as the Darkspawn” I thought “sweet!”, 400MB later I was met with what has to be the most disappointing DLC I have played since Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot. As soon as you boot up the Darkspawn Chronicles you watch the a brief opening scene showing the main character, a Hurlock Vanguard, with no customisation...

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    Middling Lead-Up To a Great Ending 2

    Morrigan was, for me, the most interesting part of Dragon Age: Origins. She was a character who got more and more fascinating the more you learned about her, and ultimately became one of the most interesting romantic interests. So after she departed at the end of the first game, saying "Never follow me..." my first reaction was to follow her, of course. I finally got my chance with this piece of DLC. Sadly, the chase is less fun than the catch, but it ends on a very interesting, and seemingly va...

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    Less value than Beths Horse Armour 6

    Reading the description you could be forgiven for thinking that Wardens Keep rewards the player for completing it with " a base of operations"  making it worth getting. What you actually get is a chest, a few armour pieces and two traders. You can't even enter the Keep once you've completed it, the door is locked. There is nothing that interesting in the dungeon crawl that you must complete to get your traders and chest. Enter a room, the dead get up and attack you, you kill them, that's about i...

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    Story-Heavy RPG for fans of classic RPGs 0

    This game rules.Sorry, that's probably not very descriptive. OK, so, Dragon Age: Origins is a BioWare banger.Set in the continent of Thedas, the Dragon Age series deals with the reoccurrence of archdemons infecting the world and relinquishing armies of darkspawn. There's also politics at play, with mages considered too dangerous to live freely and instead held under the control of the Chantry and their army, the Templars, in a place called The Circle. That's as much plot as I will tell you beca...

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    A decent, but flawed RPG experience 0

    Pros:-Origin backgrounds are excellent-Combat is solid and features good variety-Excellent soundtrack-Great storyline and characters-Good replay value-Impressive art styleCons:-Graphics could be better-Some bad pacing-Unorganized menu and managing system-Dumb AIBioware is no doubt a master of the RPG genre, with great past titles such as Knights of The Old Republic and Mass Effect series they have become a staple in the industry. So it's no surprise that Dragon Age Origins has a lot of hype behi...

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    Here Be Dragons 0

    BioWare knows how to make fun, sprawling RPGs with plenty of room (almost TOO much room, one might argue) for customization, dialogue, character development, and selling useless items because your inventory is full yet AGAIN. All things considered, Dragon Age was a rompin', stompin' good time. My Grey Warden was a sexy Elf ranger with platinum blonde hair and a sarcastic disposition towards life, which made the game that much more entertaining because I imagined her rolling her eyes whenever som...

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    Not a Good Value for Most 0

    So, there is a question of who is review is for. If you’re just thinking of getting into this whole “Age of Dragons” thing, don’t read this. And if you’re strapped for time, you probably shouldn’t read this, but you definitely should not play this expansion pack. In Dungeons and Dragons, and in other pen and paper RPG products, there are things called “modules.” A module is essentially a already planned out adventure for a group of players and can be either relatively short, stand alone blueprin...

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    Smaller price, even smaller content 0

    Dragon Age: Origins, in addition to providing a ton of content, has also delivered on the DLC; that is up until now. With the added content pack Return to Ostagar, the player gets to experience a rather wintry version of the memorable first (after the Origin stories) location. Even though a few new areas are introduced in addition to Ostagar, there's nothing really fantastical about it. Sure, you get to fight enemies in the ruins of Ostagar, but the added areas don't add too much more dungeon sp...

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    Witch Hunt's lack of length and depth is disappointing 0

      Dragon Age: Origins was a fantastic game with an enthralling story. However, it couldn't help but leave a few unanswered questions, for better or for worse. One of them was the ultimate fate of Morrigan. Not all is lost, though, as the magic of the internet now allows you to pay for a piece of DLC that might give you the answer. You actually start the downloadable content by choosing to start a New Game in the main menu and picking Witch Hunt, as opposed to the first few pieces like Warden's ...

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    We all go a little mad sometimes 0

    In one of my reviews for a Bioware DLC, I mentioned that a lot of what they do feels like they love having a ton of content out there for the masses for the download, quality up for debate. Not that they're "bad" per se but they don't feel that worthwhile in that DLC is supposed to enrich and enhance your game experience but Bioware's so far has been lots of content but not much in the way of anything substantial. The Darkspawn Chronicles is sort of similar in that it's roughly an hour of conten...

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    Return to Ostagar: Interesting Premise, Shallow Execution 0

    Warning:  Spoilers Ahead  Return to Ostagar is the latest downloadable add on for BioWare's hit role playing game Dragon Age: Origins.  This add on tasks the player with returning to Ostagar, the location of the infamous battle that set in motion many of the events seen in Dragon Age.  Here the player will encounter swarms of  dark spawn occupying the now desolate city, as well as a familiar creature who was responsible for King Cailan's demise.    As you begin this additional quest, you stumble...

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    Goin’ Out with a Whimper 0

    The premise of this review is that you, fair consumer of all things Bioware, have played through all of the main game and perhaps the expansion as well.  It is not overly clear that you necessarily must have played through Awakening to understand the story, or where Witch Hunt takes place in the Dragon Age chronology, but as the main character is at one point referred to as the “Warden Commander”, it seems likely this is what the writers intended this to be last.  I feel this is a fairly safe pr...

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    The ENTIRE Ultimate Edition Review 1

    OriginsAdd-onsExpansion (Awakening)1. Dragon Age: ORIGINS - ReviewBioware is one of the few developers that seem to deliver the seemingly impossible mixture between the harmony of deep storytelling and deep gameplay through a RPG genre. When other game developers seem to strive for this nirvana but continuously miss the mark it is all the more impressive to see this single RPG developer do it time and again. Back when it was thought that the RPG roots and rudimentary elements of the “good” RPG w...

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    Just Kinda Bad 0

    Return to Ostagar is a disappointing piece of content when compared to the two previous packs (Stone Prisoner and Wardens Keep). Adding just one new area and loot that seems to not scale. This means that i would be only really be able to recommend the pack to perfectionists.  However, the DLC does have some redeeming factors, including some new party dialogue that reflects on King Cailan and Ostagar and the ability to see the aftermath of a Darkspawn raid. I would suggest that if you buy Return ...

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    More great questing and looting 0

    Return to Ostagar (RTO) is not an expansion, but more akin to a large side quest in the same family as Warden's Keep (WK).  Upon download you automatically recieve a quest in your codex to send you on your way.  My character was level 13 at the time of completion and felt slightly overpowered.  It felt like the range cap might have been around 10 or 11. The battles are fun and varied, taking place mostly in wide outdoor areas.  Some of the encounters involve a whole lot of mobs so I'd recommend ...

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    Leaves not with a bang but with a "huh?" 0

    Warning: potential spoilers for Dragon Age: Origins  There was a certain moment in Dragon Age: Origins where the characters actually started to endear to me more so than I thought and I didn't even notice. First, I was in a relationship with the supremely sarcastic and cynical Morrigan, only to leave her for Leliana. But over the course of the game, Morrigan started to change and actually start growing affections for my Warden and I noticed a tinge of sadness that she was not the one I was with ...

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    Leliana's Song: a review 0

    The Dragon Age DLC has been getting a slightly bad reputation in that it continues Bioware's current idea that lots of DLC for their games come out, however they're not exactly that long. So far, Leliana's Song is the 5th out of 7 that they've put out and it's another roughly hour and a half DLC that gives you a nice reward in your Origins game or your Awakening game but is the DLC worth it? Well it's certainly better than Chronicles and it's actually quite enjoyable despite its short length.  D...

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    Good but not enough 2

    I was really excited when they announced this DLC, but after playing through it I was a bit disappointed. I enjoyed the additional storyline, the new characters and the progression of the game. The only downside is that it really didn't answer any questions I had about her disappearance. Also, I was anticipating another Flemeth beat down which obviously never happens.  Net net, good idea, not so good execution. Gave me more questions than answers....

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    Not much of a hunt more like a path 0

       At the end of Dragon Age: Origins there are many questions left unanswered and many of them involved your party member Morrigan and her adoptive mother Flemeth. We were never told much about the dark ritual that you could have done at the end of Origins, we were never told much about what happened to Morrigan once we finally killed the Arch Demon. That is to be expected of course, we need hooks at the end of the game to make us excited for the sequel. After many DLC's and an expansion w...

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    Warden's Keep is way too short to recommend 0

       Warden's Keep is a minor piece of downloadable content that adds about half an hour to 45 minutes of extra gameplay. The introduction to this small slice of Dragon Age pie is rather clever, though also a bit dirty on Bioware's part. A man by the name of Levi Dryden will show up in your camp before you've downloaded the DLC, and offer you a look at his wares, alongside a tale of a fortress that once belonged to the Grey Wardens and may hold treasure and a way to clear his smeared fami...

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    At 400 points, King Cailan's armour doesn't come cheap 0

      Return to Ostagar is a small add-on to Dragon Age: Origins that allows players to revisit the battlegrounds from the first major act of the game, where the Grey Wardens and King Cailan were slaughtered by Darkspawn. It runs for 400 points on the XBOX LIVE Marketplace.  Aside from a couple of flashbacks and one gruesome souvenir of the battle, Return to Ostagar offers little in terms of new story or character development beyond some quips by party members who had something to do with...

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