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All action, no talk.

Wanting to get back into Dragon Age: Origins I popped the disc into my 360 to find some downloadable content, so I see something called “The Darkspawn Chronicles”, the description reads “Play as the Darkspawn” I thought “sweet!”, 400MB later I was met with what has to be the most disappointing DLC I have played since Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot. 

As soon as you boot up the Darkspawn Chronicles you watch the a brief opening scene showing the main character, a Hurlock Vanguard, with no customisation at all this is just one of many things wrong with DLC. There is in fact no character interaction in this DLC which is incredibly disappointing so if you wanting some story, you will find none here, this is simply an alternate ending if the Darkspawn won the battle.


 One thing I did enjoy however was controlling the other Darkspawn such as the ogre and shrieks but some parts of the DLC force you to use them in such a way that just feels out of place, such as using an emissary to use his fire spells on a certain object which I found to be unclear, it took me a while to figure out and it shouldn't.

If you absolutely love the combat in Dragon Age: Origins then this will be right up your street, however if you want a bit of story and character interaction you won’t find any of this here, lasting roughly under 1 hour this is one assault on Denerim you’ll want to miss out on. 

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