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At 400 points, King Cailan's armour doesn't come cheap


Return to Ostagar is a small add-on to Dragon Age: Origins that allows players to revisit the battlegrounds from the first major act of the game, where the Grey Wardens and King Cailan were slaughtered by Darkspawn. It runs for 400 points on the XBOX LIVE Marketplace.
Aside from a couple of flashbacks and one gruesome souvenir of the battle, Return to Ostagar offers little in terms of new story or character development beyond some quips by party members who had something to do with the battle. What can be found are some diaries that explain fragments of King Cailan's plans as well as Loghain's. Most importantly, the armour and weaponry of King Cailan is here to be gathered and donned by your squad, and if you missed recruiting the Dog companion at the start of the game, you have a new chance to do so here. A new achievement is to be gotten out of it as well, and one that is satisfying to achieve if you were touched by the unjustified death of Cailan in the battle.
At 400 points, I wasn't expecting too much out of Return to Ostagar, and it has fulfilled that promise. Cailan's armour is decent, even if it looked terrible on my Dwarven protagonist. Luckily, I still had yet to find some decent armour for Alistair, so he may easily be mistaken for King Cailan now. Overall, however, I find 400 a rather steep price for such a limited piece of content. All of the Dragon Age add-ons are a bit overpriced, but paying 5 euros for what is essentially nothing more than a shiny set of armour and a short trip down memory lane isn't that good a deal, especially considering there's always better armour out there—which makes playing the DLC early on advisable. If you somehow desperately crave more Dragon Age than the main game holds already, feel free to pick it up, though you shouldn't expect too much from it.

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