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Dragon Age Origins Warden's Keep Review: A short mission pack

Wardens Keep is a short dlc add on for Dragon Age Origins. A merchant named Levi Dryden shows up in your camp before you buy the pack; accept his invitation to adventure, and you'll be taken straight to the marketplace to buy it for 560 microsoft points. So begins a short dungeon romp with a twist. Its a neat package but there is very little content in this dlc, especially considering its the same price as a dvd rental. The premise of the dlc is that you are going to an abandoned grey warden fortress on behalf of the merchant to find out about his ancestor who died in the fortress and was its last commander.

 Its a pretty location, and the armour you get is a good reward
 Its a pretty location, and the armour you get is a good reward

The entire pack is set in the titular keep, which is physically smaller than Redcliffe castle. The location is a decent one and there are plenty of enemies to fight. The location, though small, is as handsome and atmospheric as any in the game. The loot is good, and you get the ability to use the place for storage of excess items upon completion of the pack, but thats it. It took me less than 40 minutes to complete wardens keep on my first play of it.

Wardens Keep contains a few fun parts and gives you a storage area for your items, but in terms of meaningful content is provides nothing to the Dragon Age Origins experience. For 560 points there are much better dlc's available online to buy. Wardens Keep is not bad, its just far too short to justify a purchase.

New enemies are a good thing 
New enemies are a good thing 

  • The keep has an interesting history
  • The dlc adds to the lore of the Dragon Age world
  • No darkspawn to fight is good
  • The armour you get for this dlc is good
  • There is a branching decision to be made in this dlc

  • The way the dlc is put into the game is not endearing 
  • Its too damn short to justify its price

  • His great granny is looking decent for her age


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