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Dragon Age Origins Golems of Amgarrak Review: Yawn

Golems of Amgarrak is another sub par dlc for Origins. The focus of the dlc is that a dwarven expedition to a lost thaig had failed to return, and a dwarf named  Jerrik Dace needs your help to find his brother who was on the expedition. There is a big mystery surrounding what happened to the expedition, but its clearly not good. You spend the entire dlc in the thaig, and its the exact same as any part of the deep roads in the main game except for a few easy puzzles.

 I need to find my brother......yawn
 I need to find my brother......yawn

You import your character from Origins or Awakening. There are n o new abilities in this dlc and no new equipment of note. Your character doesn't really have any dialogue role to play in this, relegating you to being a silent onlooker. The dwarf characters in this are completely uninteresting and boring, and the threat you face is underplayed. This pack has less quality in it that any part of the deep roads quest in the main game, and is another example of how not to do dlc.

Your character really needs to be a mage to take full advantage of this dlc, and there is a boss battle which can be frustratingly difficult as it doesn't come down to tactics, but rather whether or not you have a mage available to you. Its less than an hour long and there are no decisions or branching paths that made the main game so good, making golems of amgarrak a waste of time and money.

Meet pain incarnate 
Meet pain incarnate 

  • A new boss
  • Puzzles are ok

  • Party you acquire is awful
  • Characters are uninteresting
  • The story motive for this dlc is very weak
  • Need a mage to be competitive against the boss
  • Boring

  • It wears their skin, ew...


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