Dragon Ball FighterZ - FighterZ Pass 2 Trailer

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#1 Posted by TheHT (15870 posts) -

Videl!! With Saiyaman assisting to boot!! Glad they're doing more characters for this thing. Her and some weird alien dude Jiren (DBS character I'm guessing, which is cool; more weird space dudes like Hit is fine by me) are coming in 3 days. Didn't see a topic about it, so consider this a heads up! (Also there's DBS Broly and SSGSS Gogeta coming down the road)

I didn't go the FighterZ pass route last time and just bought Android 17 alone. Depending on the others in this pack, I might do the same with Videl. Holy shit they look so adorable fighting together.

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#2 Posted by CheapPoison (1127 posts) -

I am super happy about Videl and the Greaet Saiyaman! I bet someone will be happy with Jiren, but I think Videl is the exciting part here.


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#3 Posted by BradBrains (2272 posts) -

Two Brolys? hmm

Id like a SSG representation at some point too.

Looks like the leaks are still mostly right though so.

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