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Dragon Ball: Origins 2 will retain the same gameplay as the previous game in the series, Dragon Ball: Origins. The player will move the character with the stylus, and an option to use the d-pad as well. The game will require you to use the stylus in different motions, or to hit the enemy to use different types of attacks and so forth. The game will involve puzzles for the player to solve, including a lot use use with the stylus in order to advance forward in the area you are in. Each area\screen will have a handful of enemies for the character to eliminate, and various enemies will require the player to use stradegy or an acquired technique to eliminate the enemy.
Similar to The Legend of Zelda series, the player will acquire different key techniques (similar to key items) to use during the story, and involving killing various bosses as well as enemies. Each area will have you using your special techniques that you have learned. Also, in addition to the first game, there will now be up to four playable characters including Son Goku. Each character having their own special abilities and weapons. The game will also include an all new co-op feature, and will be able to team up with someone through the Wi-Fi feature.

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