Dragon Ball Origins 2 on DS, Includes Free Famicom Cart Inside

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This is the box for DS game Dragon Ball Origins 2, or at least that's what it'll most likely be called when it's brought over here. Anyway, the game in Japan features a full sized fully working Famicom cart inside it's DS game box : /  

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 Dragon Ball: Shen-Long no Nazo   
 Free Famicom Cart
 Free Famicom Cart

Gotta love it, sadly it's highly doubtful this will happen in the West. 
I really love old Famicom carts, they have a certain aesthetic quality that I really admire, some of the original labels were fantastic, but new one's made today as art are equally awesome.. If you've any interest in them also, and would like to know more about them as an art form, check this site out: 
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As awesome as that is, how many people who buy the game will ever get a chance to play the Famicom game?

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People who still have old consoles in a closet somewhere like I do :P

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I totally read this as Dragon Age Origins 2

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@Yit said:
" As awesome as that is, how many people who buy the game will ever get a chance to play the Famicom game? "
 Well seeing as though this is likely to be only available in Japan, I'd say ample.  Original Famicom's and other devices that can play carts are readily available all over Japan. The young DBZ fans buying this will surely get the chance to play it one way or the other..
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