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    Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Jun 06, 2008

    A spiritual successor to the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai series of fighting games, Burst Limit marks the first appearance of the Dragon Ball series on seventh-generation consoles.

    Problems with saved game

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    #1  Edited By chililili

    So my friend got this game and I told him to bring it over to play on my HDTV along with his saved game data. But when he tries to copy it from his 60 gig ps3 it says that copying is not allowed in this game, and he can copy all his other saved games to the usb except tha tof burst limit! So does anyway know a way around this? Or are you actually limited to being unable to copy the game because that you would lose your data when you installed your HDD or another OS as you cannot back it up any way? Can anyone post a solution?

    I'll continue to research the issue and if I find an answer I'll post it here.

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