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Dragon Ball Z Super Gokuden: Kakusei-Hen ("Dragon Ball Z Super Legend of Goku: Chapter of Awakening") is a licensed RPG set in the Dragon Ball Z universe and the follow-up to Dragon Ball Z Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen, set directly after the events of that game. After defeating the Demon Lord Piccolo, the Z Fighters end up getting embroiled in conflicts on an interstellar level and Goku must help the remnants of his race take on the tyrant that has conquered his home planet of Vegeta: the powerful alien warlord Frieza/Freeza.

The Super Gokuden games retell the story of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z through a series of cutscenes and fights. In the cutscenes, the player is expected to answer trivia questions about the DBZ storyline: essentially, they must repeat the lines and actions that the characters spoke/did in the original story. In the game's battles, the player selects the right combination of attacks to defeat their opponent in isometric battlefields.

Though there were plenty more "sagas" in the Dragon Ball Z continuity left for the series to convey, this would be the last Super Gokuden game.

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