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    Dragon Ball Z Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Mar 24, 1995

    Watch the early exploits of the young Son Goku in the first of two cinematic RPGs that follow the Dragon Ball manga.

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    Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokūden - Totsugeki-hen, loosely translated to "Dragon Ball Z: Super Goku's Story, Chapter of Assault", is a fantasy RPG developed by TOSE and published by Bandai for the Super Famicom exclusively in Japan on March 24, 1995.

    It is the first of two games in the "Super Gokūden" RPG sub-series based on the Dragon Ball manga and anime series, giving a more accurate re-telling of the original manga series than its earlier games. It is sometimes considered a spiritual successor to Dragon Ball 3: Gokūden.

    Unlike the series' earlier RPGs, most of the gameplay in Super Gokūden is a simple text-based re-telling of the story, utilizing portraits to show the composition of each character in the cutscene. At some points, players are given choices for minor branching paths (allowing the story to play slightly differently from the manga) and bonus mini-games. The main action of the game comes in one-on-one real-time battles as the main protagonist Goku, with combat based on both combatants advancing on each-other and performing offensive and defensive techniques.

    Despite its "Dragon Ball Z" namesake, this installment instead follows most of its precursor "Dragon Ball" series chronicling main protagonist Goku's earliest exploits, from his first search for the Dragon Balls (culminating in the "Emperor Pilaf Saga") to his martial arts training (the "Tenkaichi Budoukai Saga"), his battles against the Red Ribbon Army (the "Red Ribbon Army Saga"), and his confrontation with the evil Demon King Piccolo (the "King Piccolo Saga"). Its sequel, Kakusei-hen, concludes the original "Dragon Ball" series while continuing with the "Dragon Ball Z" series proper.


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