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    Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Dec 01, 2005

    The sequel to Arc System Works original handheld fighting game adaptation of Dragon Ball Z, bringing its freeform aerial martial arts to the DS.

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    Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 (known in Japan as Dragon Ball Z: Bukuu Ressen) is a 2D sci-fi fantasy freeform fighting game developed by Arc System Works (in conjunction with Cavia) and published for the Nintendo DS in North America (by Atari on November 20, 2005), Japan (by Bandai on December 1, 2005), and Europe (by Bandai on February 3, 2006).

    It is the direct sequel to Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors, bringing its freeform aerial martial arts combat to the Nintendo DS. The system's touchscreen is used both for tagging out characters and for calling in assist characters.


    Supersonic Warriors 2, while similar to its predecessor, features tag-team fighting, and incorporates this style of fighting into many different modes. Players choose three characters to form a team another enemy, or team of enemies.


    • A Button- energy blast
    • B Button- block
    • X Button- light punch/kick
    • Y Button- heavy punch/kick
    • R Button- gather energy
    • L Button- special power
    • A R Button- super attack
    • B Y Button- throw
    • B R Button- energy barrier
    • Touch Screen- summon character, team attack


    The game includes 26 playable characters (20 of which must be unlocked beforehand).

    Playable Characters

    • Goku (normal, with his Super Saiyan version as an unlockable)
    • Gohan (Adult, with his Teen and Teen Super Saiyan 2 versions as unlockables)
    • Piccolo
    • Krillin
    • Vegeta (normal, with his Super Saiyan and "Majin" versions as unlockables)
    • Captain Ginyu (unlockable)
    • Frieza (final form and "Mecha", both unlockable)
    • Trunks (future timeline, with his future timeline Super Saiyan version as an unlockable)
    • Dr. Gero (unlockable)
    • Android 18 (unlockable)
    • Cell ("semi-perfect" and "perfect" forms, both unlcokable)
    • Gotenks (normal, with his Super Saiyan 3 version as an unlockable)
    • Majin Buu ("fat" and "super" forms, both unlockable)
    • Cooler ("true form", unlockable)
    • Meta-Cooler (unlockable)
    • Broly (unlockable)

    Support Characters


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