Dragonball Z Raging Blast: Tenkaichi Unleashed

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This is the official suggestions page for my game Dragonball Z Raging Blast: Tenkaichi Unleashed. This page will basically tell you the intro of the game, and of course the title theme for the game.

English Version (Instrumental):

Hironobu Kageyama - Beat a Nail With Your Hammer!

Japanese version (w/ lyrics): Same

[Link removed] (The reason why it was spaced out was because of the website not allowing links )

It starts off viewing the ocean, while moving forward, and it'll start to move up viewing the clouds, but nothing else yet. Moving forward, short clips of Goku will be shown for every 4 seconds. The 1st one you'll see him from the back, 2nd it will come up another part of his body, 3rd you'll see the left side of his chest, and the final 4th one you'll be right in front of his face. He'll have a straight confident look on his face, and blasting off, at the exact same time the music blasts off to the guitar part.

Then it'll show the title, you'll be right behind his rear, you'll follow ever thing he does, 1st person view. You'll be seeing him maneuver through rocks, and hard-to-escape areas, like rocks, mountains, and then pierce through the clouds. The camera will slow down, with his smile so big, he looks down, and blasts to the ground, and he'll notice Ultimate Gohan, and Vegeta one standing on each side.

Gohan will have a smirk on his face, and turn his eyes at Goku, and look back, Vegeta would just cross his arms, waiting for the enemy. Goku gets ready, and a blasted, knocked down a huge column of rocks. Out dashes Freiza, Cell, Kid Buu, and Legendary Super Saiyan Broly. Vegeta and Gohan blast off to encounter Cell, and Buu, and left Goku in the center, covered by a shadow of the two. Goku quickly transforms to Super Saiyan and clashes arms with Broly. Frieza comes behind, and tries to knee him in the back. Goku flips over Broly, leaving Frieze knee Broly in the chest, which barely made him move. Frieza turns around to find him, the camera is now Frieza's head, A.K.A 1st Person View. He sees Goku, when he looks up, and sees Goku drop kick to the ground.

Broly spreads arms, and as soon as Goku turns around, he gets strapped in his arms. And is getting crushed by his arms, Goku transforms to Super Saiyan 2, which break Broly's hold, and Goku did kicking combos on Broly's head, then flips backwards with both feet together, kicking Broly's face. He does a damaging blow to Broly's stomach, with his fist, and with attached to his fist, he knocks Broly into a mountain, and made it crumble to the ground. He smiles, and evades out of the way, when Frieza attempted to spear kick him from behind. They both clashed with blows, punching and kicking each other. Then Frieza saw an opening, and spin kicked him to some rocks. He lifts his arm in the air, with one finger holding up. A huge red and, some sparkling black, energy ball began building up. Before Frieza knew it, his pupils shrunk and dangled.

Goku had impaled him with his fist, at Super Saiyan Three. He drops Frieza, and extended his arm downward, spread out his hand, and shot a large energy ball, and permanently killed Frieza. Goku spun half way and saw Gohan struggling a little bit with Buu. He takes damaging blows from him, and gets badly punched in the stomach, stunning him. Buu extended his long arms, and grabbed him on both shoulders, and rolled a little bit and thrusts him to the hard ground. Buu laughs, and catches a glimpse on the ground. It's Gohan who, emerged energy to blast away the rocks. He prepares for a Super Kamehameha. Buu does the same, and they both clash their Ki attacks. Buu attempts on forcing Gohan to lose focus, by thrusting more energy. But Gohan charges more Power, and blasts away Buu from Earth. Gohan pants, and begins to slouch. The camera zooms in on his eyes, as they look over to Vegeta. Cell is turning his body around to locate Vegeta.

Vegeta appears above, and strikes him downward, and bashes to the ground. Vegeta walks over to the Cell, who is lying on the ground; he picks him up by the face. Cell opens his eyes, and smirks; he lifts his hand to Vegeta and unleashes some ki on him. Vegeta tumbles on the ground, he gets up, and Cell sidekicks his left arm. Vegeta yelling pain, gets punched hard in the stomach, gets grabbed by the knee and gets thrown in the air. Vegeta quickly recovers from soaring in the air, and Cell teleports on his right side. Vegeta goes Super Saiyan, and turns to him; he dodges all of his blows, and kicks him in the stomach. Severely stunning him, Vegeta prepares for his Galick Gun attack, and before cell snapped out of it.

Vegeta blasts all of his cells away. Goku gives thumbs up to Vegeta, and Gohan, but what Goku forgot was Broly was still alive. Broly appeared behind and crossed both of his fists together, and bashes him down, between his right shoulder and his neck. Gohan attempted to help, he tries dash punch Broly from behind, but he teleported right behind him, and blasts him away with Eraser Cannon. Gohan with smoke coming from him hits the ground hard. Vegeta uses his Big Bang Attack, he throws it to his face, and Broly takes it, eats it, and swallows it. Vegeta was left shocked, and unsure what to do next, gets kneed in the back by Broly. He opens his mouth with tremendous pain, and Broly opens his mouth wide, and unleashes an even powerful energy beam, behind Vegeta. Then Vegeta gets blasted down to the ground. Broly laughs, but then feels Goku's power energy aura rising by the second. He turns and sees Goku with the vision of a dragon. He freezes in awe, and then prepares for his ultimate attack, but as quicker then a blinking eye; he penetrates through Broly, and then turns and uses Dragon Fist to finish him off. The dust settles and the others meet up, they dapped each other.

But they notice that the sky turned black and Goku noticed red aura charging, he turns around, and sees something up in the sky. He sees an unknown for. Goku and the others charged at him, the foe looked at them with anger. Goku went first; the foe strangled Goku for 3 seconds and thrusts him down. Gohan came next; the foe grabbed him by his arms, lifted him in the air, and brought him to knee him in the chest.

He lifted him up again, and this time, while holding him, he aerial flipped, and kneed Gohan down to the ground hard. Vegeta came last, he managed to do a few blows, but as he attempted to punch him in the stomach, the foe grabbed his fist, yanked towards his knee and kneed him directly in the chest,, then spun him around, the lifts him over his head, and kneed him in the back, then brought him towards his body. He brings him in, and flips upside down, and twirls to the ground.

He slams Vegeta head first to the hard ground.

The Villain laughed, but another unknown person stepped in, the foe looked at him with amazing aura. The hero extended his arm, and a large amount of ki appeared in front. The foe placed both of his hands together, and red ki began to develop. The hero had enough power, and launched the enormous blast at him. The foe launched his also. They both collided, the hero was able to win, but the injured for teleported behind him, and slashed him downward. The hero recovered, and goes ready to attack. The foe charged, and the hero waited for him. His eyes turns to the right, then to the left, and just before the foe knew it.

The hero teleported behind him, kneed him in the back, then bashes him down to the ground. The foe gazed upon the hero with hate, and saw a bright light blue light shining very bright. It was a spirit bomb that was being prepared by the hero. The for dragon dashes towards the hero. The hero began absoring the spirit bomb. He eyed the foe entering the presence of his eye sight. The hero prepared to unleash a gigantic kamehameha. In 2 seconds flat, the foe vanished into dust. The hero looked at Goku and the others and gave them a thumbs up. Then shenron apprears along with the dragonballs. Ending the intro

This page will talk about the Title and Main Menu

(Raging Blast 2- Main Menu theme)

After the Intro, it will show the info about that game, the copyright info. Then the camera will be showing the Dragonballs activated, releasing Shenron. The camera will follow Shenron, leaving the earth, and entering the universe. Then it will then back up, and show Shenron circling, going diagonal, and up and down the planet earth, along with the title. Then of course will say "Press Start". Then Shenron will head straight for the camera, and will then turns towards him. Showing eight galaxies in different colors, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Orange, Purple, and Grey.

Blue- Dragon History (Relive the nostalgic adventure of Goku and friends by battling tough opponents)

Green-Vs. Mode (Battle the CPU or a friend to prove who is the best of the best)

Red- Online Battles (Face other tough opponents throughout the world, and show whose the king of fighting)

Orange- Options (Adjust the settings to make it easier for you to play the game

Yellow- World Tournament (Battle against the CPU, or your friends in these awesome group battles)

White- Encyclopedia (Learn about the characters and the story of the Dragonaball Z series)

Grey- Training (Train you hardest to master the techniques of a true warrior)

Purple- ? (Unless wised by Paraunga ….RAGING AURA!) Roam through the Dragon Universe and fight tough opponents that the Z-Fighters have beaten)

This page will talk about the Title and Main Menuhis page will talk about the Title and Main Menu

VS Mode

You'll have a choice of selecting either:

Power Battle- Choose characters but with limited power points

Single Battle- Choose one character

Tag Battle- Choose characters with the limit of 6

New!- Raging Battle- Fight your health, strength, and ki over the maximum (As in fight with your health at 6 bars, your strength and ki at the highest point)

CPU Difficulty -Adjust the difficulty of your opponent (CPU)

Time- Set a certain time to test your quickness

Announcer- Select an announcer of your choice

CPU Difficulty

Weak- CPU is a Rookie

Normal- CPU is getting there but not quite

Strong- CPU isn't to be taken lightly

Z-Fighter- CPU is train-aholic

Universal Hero (Shenron wish)- CPU rarely loses





(The sign for Infinity)


Ox King


World Tournament Announcer

New!- Hercule and Cell Games Announcer Commentary (Fight while listening to Hercule, and the Cell Games Announcer comment on everything you do)

A.F= All Forms

F.C= Fusion Capable

Default Characters:

Goku (A.F) (F.C)

Raditz (A.F)

Scouter Vegeta (A.F)

Vegeta (A.F)

Vegeta (Second Form) (A.F) (F.C)

Chi-Chi (Adult)

Nappa (A.F)

Kid Gohan

Frieza (A.F)

Teen Gohan (A.F)

Cell (A.F)


Future Trunks (A.F)

Trunks (Second Form) (A.F)

Gohan (A.F)

Vegito (A.F)

Piccolo (A.F)



Broly (A.F)




Captain Ginyu





Super Buu (A.F)

Future Trunks (A.F)

Kid Trunks (A.F) (F.C)

Kid Goten (A.F) (F.C)

Majin Buu


Super Buu

Evil Buu

Kid Buu

Baby (A.F)

Baby Vegeta (A.F)



New!- Kind Buu (Kind Kid Buu)


New!-Gosen (A.F) (F.C)

King Vegeta (A.F)

New!- Kid Gohen (A.F)

King Cool

New!- Teen Gohen (A.F)


New!- Potara Gohan (A.F) (F.C)

Cooler (A.F)

Gotenks (A.F)

Mecha Frieza

SS3 Vegeta


Trunks (GT) (A.F)

SS3 Broly



Cell Jr.

New!- Cheritta (A.F)

Kid Goku (A.F)


Grandpa Gohan


King Piccolo


Majin Vegeta

New!-Tarble (Extreme Training) (A.F)

Goten (A.f) (GT)

Bardock (A.F)

Goku (A.F) (GT) (F.C)

Fasha (A.F)


SS4 Gogeta


New!- Hanku

Great Saiyaman

New!- Goshen (A.F)

Great Saiyawoman

Supreme Kai



Uub (A.F)

New!- Sudikakio

Android 15

Android 13 (A.F)

Android 18

Android 16

Android 17

Android 14

Android 8



Dr. Gero

Super 17

Pui Pui


Zarbon (A.F)

Elder Kai

Future Gohan (A.F)



Bojack (A.F)

New!- Gosen (Kai's training) (F.C)

New!- Nano (A.F)

Vegeta (GT) (F.C)

New!- Nano (A.F)

New!- Nano (Cells Absorbed)


City-Normal (Noon)

City- Normal (Day)

City- Normal (Night)

City- Destroyed (Noon)

City- Destroyed (Day)

City- Destroyed (Night)



Lookout Tower


Hyperbolic Time Chamber

Kame House

Supreme Kai's World


Desert (Day)

Desert (Night)


Other World (King Kai's World)

Other World (Snakeway)

Other World (Tournament Stage)

Inside Nano's Memory

Grandpa Gohan's House




Hironobu Kageyama & YUKA - Giri Giri -Sekai Kyokugen- (Extremely Heavy Metal Remix)

Hironobu Kageyama - Battle of Omega (Both Instrumental and Lyrics)

Hironobu Kageyama - Bonnou henkei! Kibaider

Hironobu Kageyama - Armed and Ready

Hironobu Kageyama - Burning Soul

Hironobu Kageyama & Masaaki Endoh - Let's Final Fusion

Hironobu Kageyama & Taku Kitahara - On The Road

Hironobu Kageyama & Ouzoku BAND - Tornado

Hironobu Kageyama & Masaaki Endoh - Eternal Fight

English Version: All Instrumental except for Battle of Omega that can go both ways)

Japanese: All Lyrics same for the Battle of Omega)


Brightness- Adjust the lighting of the screen

Soundtrack- Pick BGM or listen to one

Controls- Adjust the controls to make it easier for you to play

Battle Records- See you're fighting records of the past battles you have with the CPU or friends

Sound Test- Adjust the sound for your enjoyment

BGP- Choose an image to make you feel comfortable in the Main Menu


Dark - Bright (Default right there)


Hironobu Kageyama & YUKA - Giri Giri -Sekai Kyokugen- (Extremely Heavy Metal Remix)

Hironobu Kageyama - Battle of Omega (Both Instrumental and Lyrics)

Hironobu Kageyama - Bonnou henkei! Kibaider

Hironobu Kageyama - Armed and Ready

Hironobu Kageyama - Burning Soul

Hironobu Kageyama & Masaaki Endoh - Let's Final Fusion

Hironobu Kageyama & Taku Kitahara - On The Road

Hironobu Kageyama & Ouzoku BAND - Tornado

Hironobu Kageyama & Masaaki Endoh - Eternal Fight

English Version: All Instrumental except for Battle of Omega that can go both ways)

Japanese: All Lyrics same for the Battle of Omega)

English Version: All Instrumental (Except for Battle of Omega (Both Instrumental and Lyrics)

Japanese Version: All Lyrics (Except for Battle of Omega (Both Instrumental and Lyrics)

(Raging Blast 2- Main Menu)

Controls: (The usual controls)

New!-Dragon Impact (When in Raging Mode, finish the aerial combination with the last move, in other words, bring the opponent to the ground. When he hits the ground, you'll have to press the button shown on the screen. He buttons will appear randomly. It begins when the opponent on the ground and you press the button and you'll kick the opponent to the air. Press another one, you'll teleport behind the opponent, you'll elbow him in the back. Press another one, you'll grab his arms and flip and aerial flip kick the opponent back. Now this time you'll have to press a series of buttons, like 7 of them. You'll just give a series of punches and kicks, then side kick him to the right. Since this is a perfect Dragon Impact, you'll do the skill move of the character. Example: Goku- Instant Kamehameha, or Goku Kaioken Attack (Default Move). Now for defense; If the first time the opponent presses the button before you, the opponent will grab your foot, and yank you forward by the leg, and give a Hard Blow to the stomach, and teleport behind you, bash you to the ground. If you've managed to press the button then, and send your opponent in the air. You'll end up teleporting behind the opponent, but the opponent will elbow you in the face, and then does the series of blows, and then bash you down to the ground. After those to, and you fail the third one, your attacks will get blocked, and dodged, and then he'll aerial low kick you, and then grab your leg, and thrust you in the air, and shoot a large energy ball at you, causing some damage.

Battle Records-




Total Damage Made

Total Damage Taken

Character Usage

Current EXP: (Here are the ranks:

10. Low Class Warrior

9. Planet Roamer

8. Avenger

7. Kame Trainee

6. Supreme Trainee

5. Apprentice

4. Saiyan Scouter

3. Majin Follower

2. Legendary Warrior

1. Ultimate Universal Protector)

Sound Test:

Volume 1-10

BGM Volume 1-10

Sound Effects 1-10

(Default #: 5)

BGP: Main Menu Back Ground Pic:

Use any image of any character you have available and put it as your BGP. Or import one from you 360 or PS3.

World Tournaments

World Tournament: Fight you friends or the CPU at the World Tournament No Special Guest

Cell Games: Fight your friends or the CPU at the Cell Games Special Guest: Cell Perfect Form

Other World Tournament: Fight your friends or the CPU at the Other World Tournament Special Guest: Pikkon

Limit: 6 players or participants


World Tournament: World Tournament Announcer

Cells Games: Hercule and Cell Games Announcer Commentary or Just Cell

Other World Tournament: Other World Announcer

Other World Announcer Sayings

Match Begins

"Alright….let's see how bad these participants are!"

"Let's see how strong these guys are…..this could be a breathe taking battle!"

"This battle could shake the entire world….so everybody strap yourselves in!"

"Okay…the Semi- Final Round begins…right about….NOW!"

"Here we go folks…..That are right….. The round before the Finals is about to begin!"


"Here it is folks…the moment we've been waiting for me FINAL ROUND IS NOW ABOUT TO BEGIN!"


"Alright let the FINAL ROUND BEGIN!"

During Battle

"That fighter is charging up…who knows what's going to happen next?"

"Look at them go….the battle is shaking the planet!"


"Oh boy! Look at them soaring through the air!"

"WHOA! Their power is changing the entire planet's gravity ",

"Look at the Collision! IT'S SOUL TAKING!"

"Their Power's are growing by the second…..will this battle ever end?"

Player health at one bar

"Oh no...This opponent looks to be badly bruised …will he be able to hold out?"

"That opponent is in a painful state…..he's got to hang in there!"

Both Players at one bar

"Both of them look battered and bruise….this is why I love being an announcer!"

"Here we go….the participants are giving their all as they both look very beaten!"

"It comes down to this…..Who Will win?"

End of Match

"It's…..done….the opponent is finished….we have a winner!"

"Just like that…the Match is over!"

"Whoa…..what happened…it was too fast to look at!"

"Well…looks like we have a strong winner!"





Note: That in all the tournaments, you'll be able to fly 910000ft in the air, and is able to pin your opponent all the way down to the ground, without anything happening to lose that pin.


Basically explains the Raging Blasts moves from the two previous games, but I'll just add the new ones. But anyway Goku and Teen Gohan will be commenting.

Highlighting Dragon Impact- "Alright Gohan…lemme teach you about Dragon Impact"- Goku,

"Sure Dad…I'm ready!"- Gohan, (It will show images of the attack, and showing the buttons needed for the attack, except for this move)

"Okay…so here's how it goes…..Dragon Impact is a rushing move that allows the user to do a massive amount of blows to the opponent!",

"Really?.!...cool! But…does it matter what character you use to cause massive damage?"

"Nope…but only if you give the character you use some skills",

"Okay I got it…."

"Okay good…now here's what you have you have to do in order to perfect it",

"I'm listening",

"Whenever in Raging Mode, and you recently finish with the aerial combination",

"Aerial Combination?"

"Yea…you know…sending your opponent flying then continuously teleporting in front or behind, and bashing him up or down, until you pin the opponent to the ground",

"Oh okay…now I remember!"

"Good…now once you've done that…quickly press the button on the screen before the opponent does, to move on the next attack",

"Does the same button always appear?"

"Sometimes….it will always randomly choose a button on the controller",

"Okay…good…but what if you're opponent presses the button before the user does?"

"Then it will say on the screen Defense Win…..and the opponent will counter attack user!"

"Okay….so that means I gotta act fast!",

"That's…that ticket…now show me what you're made of!",

"Right father here I come!" (If the image doesn't help, it'll give the option to watch a video of it, press "Try Out" to attempt to master the technique.

Sky Uppercut Combination

"Okay Gohan….what I'm about to show you now...might help your survive dangerous enemies!"

"Okay…I'm all ears",

"Good….the Sky Uppercut Combination is used in Raging Mode, it allows you to send stunned enemies far into the sky",

"Whoa! You're saying that you can send opponents to the sky",

"Mhm…that's right…but in order to do that you'll have to low kick your opponent and then grab it's leg to send'em flying into the sky",

"What happens after that?"

"Simple….you'll automatically teleport behind your opponent, and kick him straight into the clouds…..and after that you'll meet him in the sky, as soon as he reaches the clouds you'll bash him, which will make the opponent stop",

"Wow! I can learn a lot from you Dad",

"Awe…don't mention it Gohan".

Raging Soul Ignition

"Now Gohan...this technique is very dangerous and very risky",

"Okay Dad….I'll pay close attention to whatever you say",

"Alright…..now….Raging Soul Ignition is when you combine both High Tension and Raging Mode into this all powerful move that can end someone's life",

"Wow!...sounds exciting…"

"I know….that's what I said….but anyway…..when charging to maximum power, hurry up to Raging Mode, then charge up to maximum power again to Raging Soul Ignition",

"WHOA!...Now I really want to do it!"

"Hahah Whoa Whoa Whoa...Take it easy…haha…don't be in such of a hurry…lemme tell you what happens!"

"Okay….I'm listening",

"You'll only be able to use your Ultimate Attack",

"Uh What.!"

"I know…but mix with this power it will most definitely destroy the earth, and then you'll be forced to either go to Other World or Hell!"

"I really want to train Dad…..can we start now?"

"Now that's what I want to hear!"

Earth Shatter Blow

"Alright Gohan…pay attention…after I teach you this…you'll be able to face Cell!"

"Right….I will do whatever it takes",

"(That's my boy)",

"Alright Gohan….I want you learn the Earth Shatter Blow!"

"Huh?...sounds really severe!"

"Not only that…but it could really do some heavy damage to the enemy!"

"Okay…let's go!"

"…Okay…the Earth Shatter Blow is an attack that sends your opponent through the ground",


"Mhm…it's a very tough to maneuver move so pay close attention",


"Okay...when In Raging Soul Ignition mode….charge a downward blow like a drop kick, and make sure to strike the opponent, and it will send him to the deepest cavern of the earth!",

"Like the Center of the Earth!"

"Exactly….haha….man you learn fast!"

"Right….here I go".

Blue Galaxy: Dragon Adventures.

Commentary of Characters. Accurate Story Flowing.

Basic Objectives:

Survive 1: Hold out the enemy until time is up.

Survive 2: Hold out until Help arrives.

Win 1: Defeat the enemy

Win 2: Defeat the enemy with Specific Move (If the enemies health drops to 0 amd you don't finish him with specific move, then he won't be defeated until the move is done to the enemy)

Win 3: Win with a Ring Out.

Training 1: Fight to get stronger

Training 2: Fight with partner for both

Unlockables: The What-if Saga's

The Saiyan Saga-

Bardock vs Dodoria. Survive

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