Is there a good episode comparison between Kai and original DBZ

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I want to try to keep up with All Systems Goku but I own the original airing of the series with the filler. So far I have been reading episode summaries and trying to match up but I was hoping for a list that roughly translates which episodes of DBZ are covered in each episode of Kai.

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As far as I know - and I've looked a lot - no such list exists.

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If you look at the saga pages on the Dragon Ball wiki, it will tell you what episodes of the original run of Z each saga encompasses versus which episodes it is for Kai.

For example, Raditz saga is episodes 1-3 for Kai, but 1-6 for Z, and so on from there

As far as being more specific, I guess episode descriptions are as good as it gets.

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@l3ga: I'm actually watching the filler. I haven't seen the show since I watched it on Cartoon Network so I really wanted to relive it the way I remembered. I mostly wanted the list to try and avoid to much of a discrepancy between where they are and where I am.

So Garlic Jr. here I come!

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