Where should the game go from this point?

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 Now that Burst Limit has come out, where do you think the franchise could go? Do you think Atari will just shrug there shoulders and make 3 or 4 Burst Limit games and call it something else in 5 years or do you think theres room to make some decent DBZ games that aren't fighting games?

I think a DBZ rts would be awesome. It takes place in the past when Saiyans still had Planet Vegeta, and you just take control of armies of Saiyans or you can choose to fight against the Saiyans. There could be Hero units with Daily Super Moves, like as an example with the Saiyans, the Hero can use a fake moon orb to turn your Ground Troops into there Ape form giving them power buffs for like 3 minutes. Stuff like that.

So what's your idea? Where do we go from here?

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The RTS idea sounds fresh and could provide some more "backstory" about the Tsufuru, although that almost sounds like DBGT which wasn't that good.

Anyways, Dragon Ball is all about fighting, and if they are going to make some more fighting games it should be more Budokai and less Dramatic, since I think the drama pieces from Burst Limit were good but they should've just sticked to that in the story mode, I don't need that kind of stuff happening in the middle of a bout against a friend. The capsule mechanic from Budokai 3 was okay and if they should make another burst limit it should be more like budokai but, yeah, more balanced and less Omega Shenron pwning you just because he was there last in the series.

Or  you could take DB Advanced Adventure approach, making a simple plataformer game, that game was totally rad but... maybe you can't do that with the rest of the story... so scrap that.

Fighting I say.

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I'll like a proper action adventure games, Sagas sucked

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