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Dragon Blaze is a three-button shooter where you attack waves of enemies with different attacks. Since your character rides a dragon, you can use different kinds of attacks to destroy the waves of enemies and the bosses. Players can attack normally, empower their attacks with magic, use bombs to clear bullets from the screen, or even dismount and have their dragons attack in a powerful attack. Using the combination of these powerful abilities is key to scoring high in Dragon Blaze.



The main mechanic of Dragon Blaze is the Dragon shot. You have the ability to shoot your dragon forward a short distance, which does a lot of damage, along with making enemies drop bonus points when destroyed. However, this dismounts you from the dragon, and it remains in one location on the screen, shooting whenever you press the shot button. If you press the Dragonshot button again, it will summon the dragon back to your location, eventually attaching to your character. You can also touch the dragon after a Dragonshot to remount it.

Technical Shot

When fighting bosses, there is a specific way to kill the bosses in their second "forms." A boss will reveal a core, along with a green spark and a distinctive noise. If you Dragonshot the core, you will receive a Technical Bonus for defeating the boss.

Magic Bar

When killing enemies with normal shots and Dragonshots, you slowly build up a magic bar. Once you have a minimum amount, you can use a magic attack. You can increase the "maximum" magic meter through gaining magic. By holding down the shot button, you can imbue your attacks with magic, draining your entire magic meter, but powering up the attacks for the duration. You get different a magical attack depending on if you use magic while mounted or dismounted from the dragon.

Magic Cancelling

You can cancel your magic attack by using a Dragonshot (if you used a mounted magic attack) or mounting your dragon (if you used an unmounted magic attack). You will conserve all unused magic meter if you cancel your attacks early, meaning you may be able to immediately swap your type of magic attack by mounting or dismounting your dragon.


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