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    Dragon Buster

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    A video game series consisting of three action RPG titles: Dragon Buster (1985), Dragon Buster II: Yami no Fuuin (1989), and Dragon Valor (1999). It was one of the first action RPG series.

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    The series began with 1985 arcade classic Dragon Buster, an early action role-playing platformer.

    The series largely revolves around a dragon slayer called Clovis. In Dragon Buster, he must rescue Princess Celia from a dragon. The 1989 Famicom sequel Dragon Buster II: Yami no Fuuin revolves around bow & arrow wielding protagonist Carl, who must retrieve the sword used by Clovis.

    In the third and final game, Dragon Valor, Clovis is the first of multiple protagonists. The first chapter essentially being a remake of the original Dragon Buster, involving him slaying a dragon, with the choice of saving Princess Celia affecting who he ends up marrying. The subsequent chapters of the game revolve around his future descendants.


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