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Dragon Lord (Dragon's Breath in Europe) is a strategy/raising-sim game from Outlaw and Palace Software. It was released for Atari ST, Amiga and PC MS-DOS.

The player - as either the ruthless mercenary Bachim, the vampiress Oureod or the "green beast" Ametrin - must raise dragons and use them to find pieces of an amulet which will allow them to gain access to the mythical power of the cursed mountain in the center of the countryside.


Dragons need time and money to hatch due to the amount of heat involved in the incubation process so the player also needs to use their adult dragons to earn money by terrorizing the local settlements and taking in taxes while searching for the amulet pieces. The player can also spend money on reagents to produce potions that can increase the strength of the dragon (whether they're hatched or still in the egg) or increase the productivity and happiness of the villages under their control.

The player can also play an action mini-game if they choose to take manual control of the dragon during its raids. These vertically scrolling shoot 'em ups play similarly to Namco's Dragon Spirit: however, if the player's dragon takes too much damage it'll die. If the player chooses to let the CPU handle it, they can choose the level of aggression that the dragon uses: the higher this level, the more damage the dragon causes but it also increases the chance of its death.

Dragons can be killed by wandering barbarians or from taking too many damage from raiding runs, which can cause a massive blow to the player's funding and may remove them from the game. The game ends when all three players are no longer able to continue, or if one of them finds the complete amulet and reaches the mountain.


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