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    Dragon Lore: The Legend Begins

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1994

    Dragon Lore is a fantasy Role Playing Game, with classic adventure style Point-and-Click gameplay.

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    In Dragon Lore, the player takes control of a teenage farm boy Werner, who one day discovers that he is the son of the famous Dragon Knight, slain by the traitorous Black Knight (featured on the gamebox). Werner sets out on an adventure, to become a Dragon Knight and avenge his father.


    Dragon Lore is a point and click adventure game seen from the first person perspective, with static backgrounds and a few animated objects (very similar to Myst). The inventory system and general atmosphere of the whole game feels very much like an RPG, despite the fact that character progression of any kind is almost non-existent. Fighting with enemies depends largely on equipment found and some enemies are not defeated in face to face confrontation, but by solving puzzles.

    Technical difficulties

    In the time of its release (1994), Dragon Lore was a very problematic title to run. Not mentioning the obvious lack of CD-ROM drives and their high price in this era, those lucky few who had the ability to run CDs on their PC, sometimes had to perform some "magical rituals" on exec and config files before the game even started. Lack of compatability with many sound devices (especially those integrated with motherboards) was also a huge issue.


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