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    Dragon Necropolis

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    Dragon Necropolis is an ancient burial ground built by the first dragons of Norrath, the Claws of Veeshan.

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    Dragon Necropolis can be found in the southern ravine of the Western Wastes. The entrance in the wastes, a magical portal, is guarded by one of the First Brood dragons known as Klandicar. The necropolis is a massive underground complex of tombs and caverns holding the remains of some of Norrath's most powerful dragons. If the powerful phase spiders weren't enough, traps are strewn about the entire complex, which will root, stun, or summon beetles to attack adventurers. Many tombs can be found near the entrance, most importantly being that of Jaled`Dar, the founder of the Ring of Scale, who fell in the great battle with the Iksar Emperor Ganak high above what is now known as the Field of Bone. Jaled`Dar's shade (ghost) rests atop the tomb and welcomes all visitors, for he cannot rest. He blames Trakanon for foolishly starting the war with the Iksar and seeks revenge. He speaks of awakening a dragon known as The Sleeper, who was the most powerful of all dragons.


    The Sleeper, real name Kerafyrm, was imprisoned by the power of First Brood. Jaled'Dar explains that a key to the Sleeper's Tomb can be crafted from the talisman of a First Brood dragon, which is the first step in the monumental task of freeing the deadliest of dragons. At the far end of the necropolis is a massive crematorium where lesser dragons' remains are placed. The maze-like tunnels beneath the necropolis are infested with two factions of ratmen known as the Paebala, who are tolerant of visitors, and the Chetari, who are not. The Chetari answer to the one living dragon that can be found here, Zlandicar the Cannibal. Although Zlandicar is one of the elite First Brood dragons, he was banished by the Lord Yelinak of the Claws of Veeshan to live out the rest of his days here.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Chetari
    • Claws of Veeshan
    • Jaled-Dar
    • Paebala
    • Yelinak
    • Zlandicar


    Notable NPCs

    • Chetari Courier
    • Chetari Darkling
    • Chetari Loremaster
    • Chetari Warlord
    • Crazed Chelaki
    • Dominator Yisaki
    • The Dracoliche of Hsagra
    • Dragon Construct
    • Dustbinder Grakina
    • Fierce Entropy Serpent
    • Garzicor's Wraith
    • Hsagra`s Shade
    • Jaled Dar`s Shade
    • Masterful Dragon Construct
    • Neb
    • Paebala Spirit Talker
    • Paebala Warrior
    • Pierre
    • Queen Raltaas
    • Slani Veekilaleeki
    • Stiggles Cogswin
    • Vaniki
    • Venomous Phase Spider
    • Vesthons Draconic Abomination
    • Vilefang
    • Warmaster Utvara
    • Whelp Kidnapper
    • Zlandicar

    Notable Items

    • Bestial Club
    • Blood Soaked Cloth Shawl
    • Bracelet of Rhythmic Blessings
    • Carved Bone Long Bow
    • Carved Dragonbone Spear
    • Chain Sleeves of Salvation
    • Chetari Fetish of Dark Tidings
    • Chetari Wardstaff
    • Clockwork Facemask
    • Cowl of Mortality
    • Cracked Claw of Zlandicar
    • Decaying Chelaki Fang Earring
    • Exquisite Silk Turban
    • First Brood Talisman
    • Flayed Paebala Leggings
    • Frakadar's Talisman
    • Gauntlets of Mortality
    • Grim Mask of Blood
    • Ichor Coated Leggings
    • Infestation
    • Jeweled Sceptre of the Heavens
    • Linked Waistband of the Master
    • Looped Snake Skin Ring
    • Massive Dragonclaw Shard
    • Mud Covered Shoulder Pads
    • Paebala Warbone
    • Petrified Green Slime Necklace
    • Phase Spider Carapace
    • Queen's Carapace
    • Radiant Gem Encrusted Ring
    • Silken Phase Shield
    • Spider Eye Ring
    • Spirit Talker's War Lance
    • Stiggle's Crimson Shawl
    • Tattered Chelaki Hide Cloak
    • Willsapper
    • Wrapped Entropy Serpent Spine
    • Zlandicar's Heart
    • Zlandicar's Talisman

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