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Dragon Quest IV is a solid history lesson. 0

 I played the original Dragon Warrior IV but it was a bunch of years ago and I only spent a couple hours on it. So I can't really compare this remake with the original to well. However, I must say, this remake does hold up for an old NES game. The story isn't groundbreaking, and the graphics won't blow your mind. The gameplay is still strong though, and that's all that matters. Dragon Quest games always give you a great feeling of accomplishment. They always have that perfect diffi...

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Way more addictive than I thought it would be 0

Originally released on the NES back in 1990, it’s 18 years later and Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen has found a new home on the Nintendo DS.  How does it stack up to other RPGs and what is new?  Story  Dragon Quest 4’s storyline is split up into 5 chapters.  The first 4 chapters introduce the heroes in the game as the evil spreads throughout the land.  These chapters are great as they develop the secondary characters in different areas of the world map, so that you really get a good s...

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A grindtastic reminder of why games evolve. 5

Square Enix has made plenty of remakes on Nintendo's handhelds. They've done Final Fantasy to death, and with the new release of Dragon Quest IV on the DS, they aim to hit the Enix side of the back catalog. This is a straight port of the 1990 original, with locations, weapon and armor prices, and experience rates kept right on point from where they were on the NES. Those expecting a Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls-like speeding up and dumbing down are in for a disappointment and a challenge. The net...

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An excellent rebuild of an excellent game. 4

The Dragon Quest series is an anachronism, harkening back with few exceptions to the early days of console RPGs in its structure and style. That's no surprise, of course, as Dragon Quest helped to establish that structure and style without much of a template to work from. These games don't have real-time battle systems with advanced artificial intelligence to guide non-controlled characters. They don't have the modern storytelling upgrades, with the political intrigue and angst-riddled hero char...

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This Dragon Quest is one of the best. 0

   One of the traits of the Dragon Quest series is that things don't really change that much from title to title.  Sure, the plot and most of the characters move around, but for the most part the series' defining characteristics stay the same. The art style is pretty much the identical to the others before and after it. There are castles to visit, dungeons to explore while on a quest for some vital item, and of course the endless level grinding to make sure that your party is strong enough to h...

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A Grand Adventure From A Series That Rarely Strays From Its Roots 0

Dragon Quest is a legendary RPG series from Japan that nearly every gamer has heard of.  We may not understand why it's so popular there, but even in the U.S., there is a small audience that is charmed by this series.  Let me get this out of the way: I'm not a part of that audience.  Before playing the fourth installment of this series, I was a Dragon Quest hater.  I had spent 32 hours with Dragon Quest VII, and twenty plus hours with Dragon Quest VIII, but neither of those games hooked me.  I t...

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Mini-review: A piece of nostalgia 0

Having never played Dragon Quest IV before this DS version, I feel like I missed out on something great.  I can see how it was a great game when first released, but by today's standards it doesn't hold up well.    It is definitely a must-play for old RPG fans, it just might not be exactly your cup of tea. Pros - Excellent port, controls, screen usage.  I never felt the game was frustrating.Cons - Wasn't fond of the story and character progression.  It felt like I started 5 different games and on...

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