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An Old-School RPG with a Great Storyline 0

I would not recommend Dragon Quest V if it wasn't for the game's absolutely epic and emotionally driven storyline. Bottom-line, if you want an RPG with a strong, gripping narrative, check this game out.Superficially, the story resembles a lot of other JRPGs, in that you play a male hero with the ultimate task of saving the world from destruction. But Dragon Quest V has a few twists on this narrative, in that it's not really about the hero's mission and what he needs to do, but how the world chan...

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Right Up There With Classic 16-bit RPGs 0

The first four Dragon Quest games sold relatively poorly in North America late in the life cycle of the original 8-bit Nintendo, causing Enix to lose faith in the market. Despite fans clamoring for the release of the Super Nintendo sequels, the two “lost chapters” in the Dragon Quest series would not receive worldwide releases until the DS remakes. The original Japanese Dragon Quest 5 is now 18 years old, and has finally received its official English translation. Yuji Horii, the series...

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Great game, annoying localization 4

If you've played a Dragon Warrior / Quest game before, you should know what to expect from this old school RPG. That said it's probably my favorite of the series. What sets it apart from other DQ games is mainly the marriage option and the monster recruitment system, which adds some Pokemon-style flavor. The marriage choice doesn't have too much of an earth shattering effect on gameplay but it's unique and adds to replayability. It's not quite as hardcore difficult as earlier games in the series...

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A charming old codger 0

Dragon Quest V is a game that I literally picked up because I noticed the purple character featured in the box-art. While browsing the cover caught my eye, shortly I noticed that it was a Dragon Quest game, a series that I knew about but had never tried. After a prompt purchase I spent  the last year and a half finishing DQ5's adventure, while being on my own. Dragon Quest 5 tells the typical child of destiny story that you'll find in many JRPGs, with a few twists along the way. The story succee...

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This Generation Spanning Quest Is One of Dragon Quest's Best 0

  It's time to review another entry in the series that drives Japanese gamers wild. No, I'm not talking about Monster Hunter, or that series of games where you collect monsters in a ball. I'm talking about the legendary series of games that causes top-notch students to cut class--the one and only Dragon Quest. Dragon Quest may have a Harry Potter-like following in Japan, but it has gained little ground in the U.S. You could blame this on Enix's failure to release many Dragon Quest titles in the ...

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A Tale of a Father and son. 0

Having played Dragon Quest games from a very young age. I picked up Dragon Quest V with the same fervor I had with all the previous installments. The game begins normal enough. You are traveling with you father battles ensure and so on and so forth. Bam....then It's smacks you like a ton of bricks. In the opening dungeon of the game something unexpected happens.You experience loss In a major way. This Is really my first memory of something truly getting to me watching these tense moment unfold. ...

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Charming but poorly designed 0

Disclosure: I did not finish this game. If you believe a review by a gamer who has not fully completed a game is without merit, you may want to skip this one.  I have read much acclaim for this game, and I have recently started on my own quest here in meatspace to rekindle my love for the JRPG. I was turned on to RPGs with Final Fantasy II (IV in Japan) on the SNES. I proceeded to play virtually every JRPG of note up through about half of last generation. I took a break from gaming in general an...

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