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    Dragon Quest Wars

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Sep 28, 2009

    A tactical role-playing game based in the Dragon Quest universe. Exclusive for DSiWare, Dragon Quest Wars was developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Square Enix.

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    Dragon Quest Wars is a DSiWare exclusive strategy title, featuring several famous monsters from the Dragon Quest franchise as playable units.


    Gameplay is most similar to the Final Fantasy Tactics series of titles, which are also published by Square-Enix. You must build up a team of four, picking from several monsters. You must then use their unique abilities to defeat your opponents. The gameplay is turn-based against 1-3 other opponents and all controls are strictly stylus-based. You drag your unit with the stylus to available points on the grid to move, select any one of the abilities using the ability cards and attack by selecting one of the nearby opponents with the stylus.


     There are two single player modes in Dragon Quest Wars. Training Mode and Free Play. Training Mode puts you through a series of battles which teach you the ins and outs of battle and how to handle the various situations. While Free Play is essentially the multiplayer modes with computer controlled units.

    Multiplayer Modes

    You can play Dragon Quest Wars both locally and wirelessly via Wi-Fi. There are two gameplay modes for each. Versus, which is a two-player, head-to-head match. The second mode is Survival, in which four players fight and only one can be victorious. These modes also apply to Free Play as well.


     There are several famous monsters with which you can build you squad of four.


     The series mascot as well as the basic unit in Dragon Quest Wars. Slimes are a Balancer. And are able to use both physical and magical attacks. They also have a single hit point.


    Golems are a Defender type unit. They use exclusively physical attacks, and have three hit points, giving them the highest HP in the game and most effective for defending other units.


    Hammerhoods are the Attacker unit. They have two hit points and make use of physical attacks that do damage to multiple units around them.


    Healies, another famous Dragon Quest monster, are the Healer units. They have two hit points and make use of magic to heal and defend other units from enemy attacks.


     The winged Chimaera are the Spellster units. They have two hit points and make use of a variety of attack spells to decimate their enemies.


    The Dracky unit is the Speedster. They have a single hit point, but are able to move two squares around the map and use some physical and magical attacks.


    Dragon Quest Wars is available to download  for 500 Nintendo Points exclusively on the DSi Shop.

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