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Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes is a Japanese role-playing game and is the sixth game in the Dragon Slayer series. It is also the first game of The Legend of Heroes spin-off series. The game was originally released for the NEC PC-8801 home computer but was quickly ported to various systems including the SNES, Genesis and the Turbografx-CD; the last of which saw the game's only North American release. The game eventually also saw a few re-releases on other consoles, though only in Japan.

Unlike the previous Dragon Slayer games, which were all side-scrolling action RPGs, The Legend of Heroes is a far more straightforward turn-based RPG of the Dragon Quest mold. It allowed for a party of up to four characters and had a few modern upgrades, such as allowing the player to distribute stats after a level up, target separate monsters and restart a battle if their party gets wiped out.

It received one direct sequel, Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes II, before the series would drop the Dragon Slayer prefix and continue as a separate Falcom property.

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