I want the missing part of my soul back :(

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 I watched the movie, there, I said it, I did not pay for it though, it was a free copy from my dvd rental place I go to,  
I thought to myself, It can't possibly be as bad as what they say, Naivety +1. 
I did not watch it as much as sat through it, letting the "film" abuse my senses, I made myself sit through the punishing film because I needed to see for myself what my childhood obsession has turned into,  
It's like self torture, honestly, it's as if the screenwriter just said to himself, "Fuck it, this'll do" 
The only thing I can compare the way the film was thought out,  is a review of the cartoon that a NZ T.V guide reviewer wrote for it, (The series not the Movie, way back in 2004) it was the middle of the Saiyan Saga, and Goku was training with Kai, I think the reviewer must have only watched a few episodes and could not be bothered to look up what the Cartoon was about,  
She said and I quote, "I have yet to see a "Dragonball, I have no idea what it is or what it does let alone a "Z" one" 
That is how the film translates to me, As if the screenwriter just went through and watched a couple of episodes and or read what the plot was on the internet, said to himself "Yeah, I reckon I could do that, then with Fox's backing decided to kick the shit out of a beloved series,  
I felt bad when I smiled once in the movie, I felt   Dirty, 
I have hope that one day, before I die there will be an actual live action DBZ movie Ala the way that Tin Tin will be, as that would be the most appropriate way for a film to be shot,  
I know for certain that DB has the fans that if they were to make such a film, say in ten years when the technology is cheaper, they would get their money back, and then some, and hopefully we can bury this mess of a film into hell itself where it will reign supreme as the Hellish work that it is, 
I want the Missing part of my soul back :( 

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Oh my God, I just watched this movie and man was it hilarious.

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I still wan't my time and soul back :(
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@Red12b: I'm sorry your childhood was ruined.  I grew up with the series as well, but I grew out of it and realized how silly everything was about it and watching this movie didn't feel as inappropriate as you made it out to be.  But, man every joke in the Dragonball: Evolution quick look here on this here site just made it as bearable as it was to me.  And the eye candy, too.

 Especially, Emmy Rossum.
 Especially, Emmy Rossum.

Then again, I love watching awesomely bad movies.
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i still don't know why you would do something awful like this. i feel so sorry for yous 

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Oh no I laughed so hard at that QL, that was also another reason why I watched the "film", 
And I'm not all that serious about it, It's just you know, the film is horrible and it did not need to be.  
I'm past my childhood, but you know, it's still a childhood memory, playing with friends as DBZ characters, Lame? sure, but it was alot of fun :)
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its probably the worst movie i've ever seen

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