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    A side-scrolling MMORPG brawler with a stylish combo system.

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    Dragonica is a free-to-play 3D side-scrolling (also called 2.5D by some) brawler MMORPG developed by Korean company Barunson Interactive and published by gPotato in Europe and THQ*ICE in North America. The game is currently in open beta in Europe and closed beta in North America.


    Battle System

    Dragonica is somewhat akin to MapleStory in that it's an action-oriented side-scroller; however, the battle system is much more complex than MapleStory's and allows players to pull off moves such as launching enemies into the air, do a follow-up attack and combo them in the air, and finally smash them back into the ground -- very similar to stylish action games such as Devil May Cry. The player's combo count is also kept track of and could potentially award them with experience bonuses depending on how high it was. Due to the action-oriented nature of the game, many players have opted to play the game using gamepad-to-keyboard solutions such as JoyToKey and XPadder; however, not every distribution supports these applications as their hacking protection may block them.

    Base Classes


    The Warrior has high strength and defense and makes for an excellent melee fighter and tank. Once they hit level 20 they can choose to become a Knight by sacrificing attack power in favor of high defense and defensive skills or become the slow but extremely powerful Gladiator.


    The Magician supports close-quarters classes from the background by casting powerful spells. Once they hit level 20 they can choose to specialize either healing arts and become a Priest or dish out devastating spells as a Battlemage.


    The Archer, like the Magician, will generally stay in the background as they are very vulnerable when hit and specialize in hit-and-run tactics as they're also very agile. Once they hit level 20 they can become masters of the bow by becoming a Hunter or choose to wield a crossbow instead by becoming a Ranger.


    The Thief is close-quarters class that avoids fair fighting at all costs and instead relies on stealth and agility so that their opponent never knew that him them. Once they hit level 20 they can can specialize in deceiving their opponent by becoming a Jester or specialize in stealth by becoming an Assassin.

    System Requirements


    Pentium 3 800MHz or better CPU
    256MB RAM
    2GB Hard Disk Space
    Nvidia GeForce 2 or greater GPU
    56K Internet Connection


    Pentium 4 2.4GHz or better CPU
    1GB RAM
    2GB Hard Disk Space
    Nvidia GeForceFX 5700 or greater GPU
    Broadband Internet Connection

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