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    Dragonite is a species of Pokemon having a dual Dragon/Flying typing and the final evolution of the Dratini.

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    Dragonite appears in the first generation of Pokémon and is the final evolution of Dratini and evolves at level 55 from Dragonair. It has the type of Dragon / Flying. Dragonite is a very kind Pokémon and would never hesitate to help a person in need. They are also very strong and when their rage has started they are unable to calm down for quite some time. Not only a strong species, but a very fast one as well. It can circle around the globe in about 16 hours and are also said to have the intelligence of a human. They are a marine pokemon, so they often appear around sea even though being very rare. People have also claimed they inhabit an island where only Dragonite can be found.


    Dragonite are kind and have a positive disposition. They often save those in need and having the intelligence of a human are very aware of their surroundings. Having a very high attack state most Dragonite are physically inclined.


    Appearing as medieval dragons, Dragonite has changed drastically from its pre-evolution, Dragonair. Having a change of color to that of orange and growing arms and legs, one of the sole characteristics it retains is the horn on its head, which like most of its body has also turned orange. Despite being bulky, Dragonite are fast, agile and strong often saving survivors from a ship-wreck at sea.


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